Are You Smitten By Celebrities?

Are You Smitten By Celebrities?

Well are you?  Are you smitten by celebrities?

You’re a fan. You’re endeared with who ever it is that lives a lifestyle that is beyond your reach.  That buy the fancies you can’t afford.  That go to the places you’ve never been.  These people are the people you follow, hang on every word they say…..  You even brag about the products they endorse that you’ve never used because you can’t afford!


Honestly, I don’t get it.

Some of these celebrities don’t have any recognizable talent.  So, is the personality, the lifestyle, the bank account, jewelry, travel…….what is it?

Is it that it’s too much of a risk for you so you live your life thru them vicariously?


I’m not intending on being mean, I’m just dumbfounded.

I’ve seen where people will defend their favorite celebrities with reckless abandon!  Support whatever cause they endorse (support in word only).  Buy every magazine they are pictured in.  Bookmark every web page that they own or mention.  Read and reread their blogs.  (I guess I shouldn’t say anything about that as I believe reading…..reading is good!)

Some that follow their favorite celebrities are willing to come to blows for them!!  Their celebrity is better than your celebrity.  Oh yeah, it’s smackdown time!!

Whatever troubles they encounter……you’re there for them. Loyal, faithful and true.  That’s you.

Don’t get me wrong….  I’m a fan of certain actors and musicians.  I appreciate their talent.  I’ve often gone ‘WOW’ on a performance that just takes me.  I’ll rent their movies and buy their music….I’m a fan.  But, frankly that’s where it ends.

Renting their movie and buying their music is the limit of my investment in them.  I don’t embrace their celebrity. I can’t empower them that much!

Are You Smitten By Celebrities?

You see, I don’t know them personally.  I know the character they played in the movie but that’s not them.  I love the songs they play but I don’t know them.

I’m not smitten with their personality.  They are just like me.  They are just like you.  Individuals that wake everyday, eat everyday, breathe everyday, and yes even poop everyday.

Here’s the difference between them and us.  They have targeted and exploited their talent.  Both of those words may carry a bit of negativity but that’s not the intention…..they are powerful words and they have embraced that power to be the celebrity they are today.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So what am I saying.  The only difference is what they portray.  That portrayal is what you’ve found yourself drawn to.

In their times of financial trouble… feel empathy for them and perhaps you’ll place blame to some circumstance or individual to keep your idol shining.  When you’re in financial trouble, what are they thinking of you?  I know…..John, they don’t know me and they don’t know of my trying situation.  But if they did…..yeah they’d feel bad for you.  Y’all could have a nice little pity party.

You, you that are smitten with these celebrities are not as individualized as you might think you are or wish you were.  What you see… not necessarily what you get.  You get the charm of the character, oh yeah……I know that feeling too, but THAT’S NOT THEM!!!!  No ‘ifs’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’!!  IT’S NOT THEM AS A PERSON ITS JUST THE CHARACTER THEY PORTRAY OR JUST A SONG THAT APPEALS TO THE EAR!!!  IT’S NOT THEM!!!

Are You Smitten By Celebrities?

They get their butts enhanced, their breast enlarged, their lips injected, their chin and eyes lifted, their tummy tucked and their whatever whatevered!!  Hell they don’t like who they are so they augment their bodies and you, you fall for the fake they’ve become.


Oh John, you’re just jealous!!  HA!!

You care for these more than you care for yourself!

I do see some of these celebrities that seem to be intelligent and interesting people from interviews.  Denzel Washington comes to mind.  This man seems level headed.  Just from the few interviews I’ve read. He clearly separates his work from his popularity.  But then, that’s just me.  I really don’t pay that close attention.  I don’t have time.  I’ve got me to tend to!

I love to watch Charlie Sheen in his characters.  Sometime I think they bleed in from his personality but then….I don’t know.  But, gosh don’t put him in front of a microphone without a script.  Shia Lebouf is about the same…

Even the charities that they endorse, the celebrity is encouraged to endorse charities by their management. It’s all part of their publicity.  I am grateful that the charity is able to benefit from their celebrity.  That part is a good thing.  The part I’m referring to is that in most cases these charities are picked out for them by their management company.  Yes, they are managed…..although Charlie makes you wonder.

Are You Smitten By Celebrities?

My point, and yes I do have a point.

Take the interest you have in a celebrity and place that interest in yourself and that time you spend on that celebrity, put that time to use for your betterment.  Take that energy you expend on that celebrity and use it for your purpose.

Be there for you!  Be the best you for you!!  That celebrity is unaware of you, anything about you……  When your thoughts flow to that celebrity think, ‘is that celebrity thinking of me, or of what they are doing and themselves?’.

You’re important!

Be your own celebrity!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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