Cozumel, It’s Been A Long Time

Cozumel, It’s Been A Long Time

Cozumel, It’s Been A Long Time.  It has been!  About 30 years that I first visited Cozumel and 20+ years since the last visit.

Now I can just ferry across to Cozumel for about $4 U.S. 

The charm is still there.  Just a bit more built up and modern.

Ernesto no longer serves up fajitas, now Ernesto rents jeeps.

Carlos & Charlie’s is no longer downtown and the place to go….it’s now Senior Frog’s is the place to go.  And I did. 

Carlos & Charlie’s is now way down the beach, down a beaten path.  Still fun though!

One thing that I love to do and never seem to tire of is driving around the island…….such a felling of freedom!  You know you’re on a Caribbean island….and you know that this is a good thing.

It’s called island time…..  I remember watching the folks at Senior Frog’s drinking, parading and dancing. Cruisers getting as much in as they can.  Me, I had to sit there and watch (with beer and a 64oz Margarita) while waiting for my condo to be readied.  Sea view!

This island time thing….I sort of understand.  You see, I have no concept of time anymore!  I don’t know the day of the week or the date……yesterday in my journal I put in the wrong month!  A few days ago in my Girth journal here I dated it 2016!  I haven’t a clue sometimes!

Cozumel, It’s Been A Long Time

All I have to do from where I live is drive about 20 minutes, park, buy ticket for ferry, take a 25 minute boat ride to Cozumel and viola!!  I’m there!!  I just stroll off the ferry walk across the street to Palmaras and have breakfast…..if it’s later lunch.

From there, I’m at the town square and the locals have their Mexican/Mayan/Tropical stuff to peruse and hopefully buy.  Not everything sells for the price that originally ask so, just look and say ‘no’.  Things tend to happen from that moment.

Authentic Mexican food abounds!  The more out of the way, the more authentic and better I might add.  Plus the further away from the commercial areas the cheaper everything gets.

  We had dinner accompanied by this wonderful sunset at this place…….  I’d do this again.  I got my first mosquito bite since Puerto Morelos in October (2016).  I didn’t mind that much, I was taking my last bite (no pun intended) anyway.

Now, you can’t just drive anywhere on the island……some of the inviting dirt roads require a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Annnnnnnd some of the 4-wheel drive vehicles for rent have the 4WDR disabled.  So, it’s a road of chance. Don’t dare try a regular vehicle as some of the roads have such deep ruts that the chassie would hit the road between the wheels and you’re stuck!

Cozumel, It’s Been A Long Time

Cozumel is readying for Carnival.  I’m supposed to be there.  I want to be there!

But before then I have a friend from St. Petersburg, Florida arriving this coming Friday February 17th!  They are on a cruise, so I’ll venture on over and hope to spend a little time with them……we’ll see.  If not!!  I’m on island time and I’m sure to enjoy every moment!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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