It’s My First Time Being Sick In Paradise

It’s My First Time Being Sick In Paradise

This is my first time being sick in paradise and I hope it’s the last.  Not likely, but I hope this is the last.

It really caught me by surprise yesterday.  There I was, minding my own business having a wonderful time, eating at this upper deck restaurant in Playa del Carmen…..I actually chugged down a beer!  I had two, the first one I gulped, the second one I didn’t even finish, I felt miserable.

Luckily for me I had just picked up some stuff from Sam’s and I had a few things at home.  So, I figured I’d baby myself.  Vitamins, cold medication, plenty of water, and a positive prospectus I’ll get this puppy under control quickly.   I have to!!  I’m in Cozumel on Friday (which ever day Friday is!).

I figured the best approach is a positive approach.  I’d get thru this quickly.

That was about 16 hours ago.  Now, I do have a fever, the headache is letting up, sinus dripping and my head is still a little clogged up, but right now I can honestly say I’m doing better.

I’ve never related being ‘sick’ to living in paradise.

I did loose over a pound yesterday…..but I attribute that to moving about and walking 3 miles.

I know some people get tired of my positive attitude because I hear them…..  But that’s okay, I rather be mocked for being positive than to live in the doldrums.  I once had a guy write me and say, ‘You can’t possibly in this good of a mood and positive all the time.”  To me he was insinuating that I was lying.  I did’t attempt to enlighten him, he had his mind made up already.  Being positive for me is a ‘choice’.

It’s My First Time Being Sick In Paradise

So, I’m applying that positive attitude to my being sick.  I’m not denying I’m sick, I just believe I’m doing the best possible things for a speedy recovery.  That means lots of rest.  I really do feel better already.  But, I’m not gonna resume any of my norm doing nothing activities.  The focus is on rest, fluids and more rest.  Cozumel is Friday!

I’m dead serious about this…..when I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, if I fell ill!  You’d think that I was holding out for my last breath at any moment.  And frankly, I couldn’t rustle up a positive attitude.  I was dying!

But here, I don’t have the oppression of a job or a pile of bills.  Those aspects of my life, don’t exist anymore. One this is though, I do sense that I am better prepared for this bout of illness.

I think I’m doing a lot of stuff for a positive life.  I walk a lot, I use my kettle ball,  I’ve my yoga, I’m eating better (that can be improved still) and I live next to the Caribbean!  The effects of moving water are positive…..I recognize that and readily invite it’s calm.

Maybe it’s part of the Trump bounce, Trump effect…….I’ll take it!

It’s My First Time Being Sick In Paradise

There are so many things that give me a lift here…..I just had a knock on my door.  It was Jose’ the ground maintenance man handing me my electric bill… It was $107.04 Pesos and that’s for 2 months!  This comes out to about in U.S. $2.62 a month.  That’s my electric bill!!!

With positive stuff happening to me in such a positive atmosphere, I can’t help but be positive!!  It just overflows to everything!

And, I’m feeling even better.

Besides, Jose’ the maintenance man is doing some repairs on the condo. Nothing extreme, I just don’t have too.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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