Your Experience Starts From Within

Your Experience Starts From Within

Sounds sort of new ageish……

But it’s also true.

Whatever it is, your experience, it was born from within you. You concocted this up.  You may not realize it but the essence of the genesis of your experience, you formulated.  Somewhere within you you birthed this experience.  A dream, a goal, a fear, a love…’s all right there the genesis of experience.

The best part of experience is that you don’t have to be rich, or even have the means when the idea for an experience takes place.  You hold that within you.  You solely own the birth of that experience and it’s up to you to follow thru and give it life.

How great is that?

Don’t focus on why you can’t do it!  Focus only on the idea itself.  Watch, it’ll give birth to that experience right there in your life.

What do you have to lose in just focusing?  Time?  You got something more important?  Really.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that there’s something more important than the focus of your dream.

I’ve read and witnessed enough to believe that focusing on myself doing what I want (dream, goal, love…..etc) will lead me to that experience.

I don’t like rules.  But, if there’s a rule to make it’s that you can’t afford intrusions while you’re striving to accomplish whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish!

I’ve had for decades this little jewel tucked away inside that I keep saying I’m gonna get around to doing.  And I’ve the same ‘excuse’ all those decades.  Yet, I’ve watched as others have determinedly moved forward and have enjoyed the rewards of their risk and effort.  But me, no!

Your Experience Starts From Within

I wake up everyday to that one thing.  Look myself in the eye and ask why?  Same self-defeating answer.  Probably the same one are a variation of the one you use.  For some reason, or maybe reasons I’ve been unable to assimilate the idea, put the steps together and execute.

That’s a part of my life that’s unfinished.  I’m still breathing and ………this is part of my overcoming.  So, stay tuned for that one.  I’m gonna revisit this one.  My achilles!

I know that I’m only supposed to portray myself as a great accomplisher of ideas, casting aside the weights of worries and that sort.  But, most of us are just like me.  I think we can get thru this together.  From my experience and short comings……we’ll all be encouraged to make that one thing happen.

But meanwhile…….there’s this thing called life that we live.  I’m finding out that applying myself nets results. Those results are a product of my focus.  The better the focus the better the outcomes.  That becomes another stone of a solid foundation to build upon.  Everything takes time.

I remember as a child flipping through the National Geographic Magazine and just being captivated by another world.  Today, I’m experiencing some of that other world.  That idea was birth way back in my days of youth.  It was something I couldn’t get my fill of.  How could I do that sort of exploring?  Back then that was a very difficult link to hook up.  Today, not so much and the answer isn’t money!

Your Experience Starts From Within  

For the past roughly 5 years my mind has been in motion as to how to travel.  I’d check my bank account periodically and it was clear that I’d have to make another way.  Without rehashing a big point as I’ve addressed before, I discovered one little thing about traveling that makes it all a bit more doable.  Here’s that little gem.  ‘Keep on going!’

‘Keep on going’!  I found that to least expensive way to travel was to keep traveling from destination to destination.  Don’t go out, return to the states and then go out again…..repeat.  Just go, and keep going.  I found that with patience and flexibility that the world of travel flows…….  I’ll sit down and say, okay I want to go here, here, and over there.  Traveling from one of those ‘heres’ may be a lot cheaper than going to the states and doing another trip.  And from the new destination opens a whole other opportunity!  It’s just an awkward start.

I’m thinking……this article is totally reflective of my life.  It’s not perfect.  It’s not complete.  It has a tendency to wander.  It’s me.  It’s honest.

I’ll not put a suit on and shine my shoes…….I’m a no ‘tie’ sort of guy.  Been there, done that.  Oh, if I went that route I’d be a much more appealing sight.  I prefer my sandals, shorts, tank top, and shaggy hair.

Our experiences start right where we are with what we have available…..

I’m working on this……

I like the journey.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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