Just See It Through, Start To Finish

Just See It Through, Start To Finish

Discouraged?  Disinterested?  Finish it.

Think of this for a moment….  You had this great idea!  You decided to do this great idea!  Somewhere along the way you decided to stop this great idea!  Put it on the shelf?  Return to it later?  Or just, nah?

So, let me make this about me for a moment.  Just a moment.

I’m writing this blog and I’m actually having fun.  I’m not quite sure what I’m doing or if there’s a right and wrong way.  Yeah, I’ve visited some of the ‘professional bloggers’.  Took stock of what they’re doing, content, consistency, professionalism, believability and such.  Nothing I’ve seen has motivated me to make any change.  And a peek at the bank account wouldn’t either.  I’m having fun.

But……I’m having doubts.  I do want to earn some money doing this.  That would be great.  From what I’ve read it takes time, content and consistency.  I’ve really nothing else to do so time isn’t an issue.  I can always come up with something to write about so content isn’t a concern.  And since I like doing the blog consistency is a piece of cake.

Will I see its though?

I’m anticipating on breathing for at least the next 15 years.  I figure with what I stated above, that all I need to do is follow thru.

But, what if I’m doing it all wrong!!!!!

That brings up the thought.  “Who determines right or wrong?” Who’s the origin of this right and wrong stuff?  And who did they get it from?  Could it be that the right or wrong way is totally relative to the creativity of the individual?

Just See It Through, Start To Finish

I can’t tell you how many times thru my life I’ve followed someone’s blueprint to failure.  Therein lies the reason.

Now, let’s get back to you.

What’s your thing you started but didn’t finish?  That’s clearly a rhetorical question.  It’s for you.

Let’s say you had this idea and you were ‘full steam ahead’ and BOOM!  You stopped.  Perhaps a moment of indecision.  Perhaps a moment of ‘now what’.  Maybe you realized that you needed money and had no resources.  There’s as many reasons as breaths in a day.  They are all personal and real too.

Do this……challenge what ever reason for not finishing, challenge it with a solid dose of creative thinking.  Too often we face resistance and focus on the resistance.  Explore all your options via some creative thinking.  First remove any restrictions to processing solutions.  All are viable.  Even when you think the answer isn’t possible apply more focus…..sometimes our lack of familiarity with a solution is a barrier…..one that can be overcome.

Determine that you’ll see it through.  Do you realize how much you will learn?

When I talking to people I realize that their world is smaller than it has to be.

Just See It Through, Start To Finish

Here’s what happened during a recent conversation.

We’re here in Mexico and I’m talking with this younger couple about living in Mexico, and getting around.  I drove my car from Florida to here I told them but, I’m looking to ship my car back for my youngest daughter and her kids……(single mom, struggling, her car…..well I wouldn’t trust it with kids).  The couple responded, “well what would I do for transportation?”  I answered without a blink, no hesitation, “I’ll acquire a longterm rental for whatever period I’d want.”  GADS!!!!  That’s too expensive they shot back.  No, it’s not……you have to look, research, network…..there’s another answer out there.  I can get a longterm car rental or month to month for less than $400 a month on a nice car which includes insurance and service agreement.  Boggled their mind.

I sensed a bit of disbelief on there behalf and told them how I found it.  Looked to be less belief.  I ended the conversation with I’d provide them with the information.

I returned to the conversation 3 days later (3 days because I had fell ill) with the sources, amounts, and ancillary information in hand.  When I pointed to the cost (which was less than I had previously quoted) one was aghast.

There’s more than an obvious answer to any resistance to your mission, project, etc.  Look!  Don’t give up!  Don’t give in!!!  You’re probably thinking……’look where’???  What’s your limit on consideration of sources?  Look, and keep looking.  It’s probably not the standard answer so if you’re looking there……stretch your boundaries.

Lost interest?  Take a closer raw look.  It may be the ancillary stuff or the distraction of the resistance.  You’re still interested, it’s still viable……refocus!

Just see it through, start to finish.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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