How Much Fun Is This Gonna Be?

How Much Fun Is This Gonna Be?

I don’t know.

I’m thinking that the fun is probably in the doing.  Just sitting here guessing ain’t gonna cut it!

I’m told there may be dangers!!!

It hadn’t crossed my mind, being dangerous.  How dangerous?  I mean, is it life threatening?  Could I lose a limb?  Lose my sight maybe?  Money, I’ll lose my money?

There’s accidents you know… I’m told.

I’m thinking maybe I should find me a plastic bubble!!

So what am I referring to?   It doesn’t matter.  Life is dangerous, there’s threats out there, accidents do happen, I can lose my money on Wall Street (I think I’ve done this one before)…….

Life has it’s dangers no matter what you’re doing.  An accident can happen on the way to the grocery store and your dog may be forever waiting for your return.

So, what the heck is my point.  There’s got to be a point, right?

Well, there is.  Since there’s an inherit risk in just being alive, instead of doing the mundane, do the adventurous!  You know the thing that others warn you against!  The thing that has your attention and curiosity.  The thing that seems so appealing that whatever accompanying risk are outweighed just by the thought of the experience.

Sometimes the whole idea of an adventure just doesn’t make sense.  So, do we just cast it aside?

But back to this dangerous shit.

While the equal odds of a hazard happening may not exist……  Hazards of life are one moment away.  Hell!!  An airplane engine can fall off the plane and come crashing through the roof of my condo!!  And to think, I did nothing to put that in motion!

Should I be worried?

How Much Fun Is This Gonna Be?

My thought is how can I just sit and do the same things that I did all the years before……experiencing the mundane and still having the ending results.  Why not find new experiences that are fun?  Sometimes the dangers are merely unknown experiences…..there’d be no adventure to life if everything we did was known.

When I realize it, there’s a lot to life that is unknown to me.  Some of it is near at hand, some will require me to travel, and either one will be a new adventure.  I don’t equate any more dangers in venturing out than driving to the store.  Or how about just walking on the side of the road and the curve blinds the driver of my presence and BANG!!  I’m celestial bound!

I can’t say, “I can’t do that!  It’s too scary!”.  Well I could say that about a Ferris Wheel.  I don’t like heights.  So here I go venturing out in Costa Rica to the mouth of a volcano……3,000 feet above sea level.  Yeah, but it’s not a Ferris Wheel!  This makes sense to me!

Let’s not get in to that here……this is my place.  This is my dream, my imagination, my adventure, and it’s my fun!  Ferris Wheels aren’t fun!

I’d rather the headline read, “John dies exploring the mouth of a volcano in Costa Rica!”  Yeah, I prefer that.

Alternate obit; “He lived a simple life. Worked the same job for 50 years, came home to Helen’s black bean soup without fail, worked late and missed all the kids activities, always talked about fishing but never did. He didn’t like cold weather and he took his dreams with him.”

How Much Fun Is This Gonna Be?

Don’t misunderstand me….I’m not wanting to make my earthly exit anytime soon.  But, I’m not equating adventure with anymore dangers than any regular day in your life.

I might get robbed!  Maybe stabbed!

And then…….maybe not!

My reasons to do what I do and want to do don’t include fear, or the considerations of another’s experience.  Are they really dangerous experiences.  Well, I don’t plan on trying to interview and drug cartel associates and I’m not going in any places where I might have to fend off a bear or lion.  And I have taken due diligence to research the area and visit the state department website to see what warnings and advisories are in place.

I do take certain precautions.  I even have a ticket to fly back!  Or drive back…..I’ve looked the map over.

I’ve gotten to the point where I do read the nay sayers babbles.  It’s not worth it.  But, am I be wise by not heeding their concerns, their experiences?  Maybe.  But there’s people that just seem to attract problems, I can’t let that become me…..and honestly, if I’m giving those people a place of advice in my life, I’m in trouble.

I read one time this guy writing about his experience here in Mexico that was like a domino effect of bad shit!  Everything!  And when someone would venture into his conversation he’d reveal another episode of torment that is spoken to endorse how ‘bad’ his adventure is.

Listen.  I had my Nikon D3300 lifted on a trip because of ‘my’ fault.  I invited that to happen.  You see I left it unattended momentarily….found myself distracted.  But I did manage to not lose my pizza!  My fault.  My new one arrives today.

How Much Fun Is This Gonna Be?

I don’t know.

Let’s go find out….

Peace, love, and beaches,



  1. Great article John….great outlook on your adventures. The way things are going on here in the States, it’s probably just as dangerous here! I myself have to admit I worry about you, don’t know why..I guess it is the part of anxiety I have to battle…always thinking the worst…. I should worry about my own self. It seems you have done your homework and lets face it, we will all meet our demise one way or the other. That is a guarantee, so why not get out, travel, explore, drink, party, visit the volcano and just live!!!! Even the “dangerous side!” Isn’t that part of the adventure?? 🙂 Peace & Love

    1. Thanks Reba!!
      I have my moments….but I figure whatever happens someone gets a great story out of it! Puts a smile on my face.
      Thanks too for your concern. Just as in the U.S., that sect that holds its prejudices against foreigners it’s here too, but not as ugly.
      I’ve had a few bad dreams…..they sort of spur me on, challenging that situation or outcome because I can just as easily imagine something good….I don’t see the ending as Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. More of living quietly my last days on the coast of south France drinking wine and chasing young women.
      Meanwhile, right now I’m writing lyrics for a song called ‘Curves’…….can you guess what that’s about???
      Peace, love, and beaches,

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