Life At The Beach Is Never Dull

Life At The Beach Is Never Dull

I love the beach….. There’s life there….. It’s never dull!

I live at the beach……yet, there’s days I don’t get on the beach.  Silly.  If I’m at the beach, I’m on the beach.

One of the things I really enjoy about the beach is sand castles.  No, I don’t like making sand castles.  I like seeing and photographing sand castles.  

I like to see when people get artsy in the sand too…..

It’s never dull…..

Then there’s the shapes and sizes of all the beach goers.  Amazing.  I think?  What about me??  So, I tread lightly on my judging, I like to see there enjoyment of the moment……their freedom and openness to life.  There was this lady that was moving up in age, she had a bikini covered with a fashionable covering and she was probably a bit shy…..yet there she was cavorting like she was a youngster.  Her arms stretched wide with the Caribbean breeze rushing over her…….she was in a moment.  And that was a ‘good’ moment.

I’ve had those moments….no photo or video.  Maybe I’ll do that later for a music video.

To me, the beach is where I can be me and you can be you…….  Size doesn’t matter.  Although the bigger the heart, the more enjoyable.

And don’t be shy……the youngsters may giggle, but they’ll remember when they are your age and that’ll be their first step to freedom.  Thanks to you.

Life At The Beach Is Never Dull

Go and just be yourself.  Don’t consider what another may think. They don’t know you, you don’t know them, you’ll never see each other again.  You both will be nothing more than a passing memory.  There’s freedom at the beach……feel it in the breeze, let the water wash every step of your past away…  This is real!

I know this may sound ‘touchy feely’ but I like the long walks on the beach…….barefooted, with the water lapping on the shore………. I may even have a beverage in hand, could be water too!  I’ve an insulated backpack that follows me wherever and there’s beverage for the thirst.  In some cases I get to walk to where no one else is……. I love that!  I’m alone, but yet I don’t feel ‘alone’.  I’m really in my happy place.  Contented beyond words.  I could live there!  A cabana girl, fridge for beverage, an outdoor fire for cooking…..I’m happy.  Oh, and some music.  I gotta have some music.

I’ve my beach chair.  I like my beach chair.  There’s a pocket for a book, my earbuds, my remote power source, and the other side has pockets for two beverages.  Oh and there’s a neat little pillow for my head.  I can also have it lying down!!  Beach chairs are an essential beach item.  One thing I don’t need and hardly ever use is a ‘towel’.  That’s right, I can’t recall the last time I used a towel.  There’s this great breeze that wraps around me and I can just go on forever!

I’ve added a jigger to my supply in the zip pocket on the left hand side of the chair… also nicely fits a pint of tequila, whiskey, rum, etc.  So does my insulated backpack.  It’s got several different pockets.

Life At The Beach Is Never Dull

There’s neat surprises at the beach too….yesterday for example a wedding!!    I didn’t expect this …….and it was quick so they could get the party started.  This little gather though is rather pricey.  The Omni Resort is upscale.  I’m wondering if it was an open bar.  Next time I’ll crash the wedding.  That’s the only way to really find out.  Eh!

There was a drone that was invited to the festivities…… You can see it in the photo just hovering above the tent.

Surprises like this just add to the reputation of a beach experience.  There’s also the pleasure of looking at my neighbors legs while she’s enjoying the festivities from afar.

I don’t see any limitations to enjoying the beach.  I can’t begin to explain how relaxing the experience.  The water actually felt fine too!  Lots of people snorkeling, playing games, drinking and just enjoying their world, their moment.

Even the family volleyball game adjacent to me was a pleasure to watch.  Little kids were really in to it!  Fun! That’s what this is, it’s fun!!

Life At The Beach Is Never Dull

This area has some man made breakers to protect from erosion It’s easy to swim around it to a reef.  The reef is just beyond that breaker right there!!  I know because I’ve had to pleasure to snorkel there and see the coral, the fish……I love that.  That’s relaxing.

There’s a bar there too…. .

I usually bring my own….  showing off my talent of being able to hold 2 in one hand.  Impressed?

There is a nude element to the experience too…. No, no pictures.  It exist.  Mostly with women going topless.  I don’t like them to feel out of place so I never stare (really!) and I too go topless.

It’s never dull.  It’s fun!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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