I Like Salty Language, I Do!

I Like Salty Language, I Do!

Salty language?

I don’t see anything wrong when someone in conversation uses an expletive.  Salty language is to my liking….it fits my taste.

I don’t believe it reflects a lack of intelligence, particularly if it’s used to enhance the point in the conversation.

Now if it’s just a bunch of curse words to be cursing, demeaning or ramble…….no.  That’s not what I’m referring to.  Just calling someone a bitch is uncalled for but saying they were being bitchy is alright.  Or that you’re bitched out at some person.  That’s okay too.

And I’m not just referring to guys and locker room talk.  No.  I’m talking about general everyday on the way conversations.  Women too!!  Oh yes women too.

I know I have to clarify that a bit.  I’m not in anyway implying or any such thing of a woman using salty language as she is loose or slutty…..easy to bed.  No!  In most cases that I’ve experienced with women using salty language are confident, intelligent, secure, personable, charming, strong, and fun.

So, why does it seem to bother people?  Are they intimidated?

I think they are intimidated.  They really can’t be in the presence of someone that is confident, intelligent, secure, personable, charming, strong and fun because they don’t fit.  They need they’re fellow ‘snowflakes’ (I’ve been wanting to use that word!) to cower with.  Gossip and act as if they are better, but only in their group of ‘snowflakes’. With a strong woman…….they can’t stand.

I Like Salty Language, I Do!

So what brings this on?

I’m not sure…….I meet a lot of people both in person and on the internet.  And when I come across women as I afore described……  I know that I’ve just crossed paths with a wonderful person.

I’ve built a friendship with some women on the internet…..different countries and I’ve noticed that the salty ones are intelligent, can hold a great conversation and their vocabulary is very diverse.  I like their company and engagement with others thru social media.  They’re not nasty, bitter, hateful people……I find them some of the most lovely souls to encounter.

So what if there’s an ‘f-bomb’ or two here and there through the dialogue.  I’ve noticed that, it’s the talent of their personality that affords them the timing to appropriately drop that jewel.  Nothing wrong there.

But, I’ve noticed where their weaker peers will take opportunity to attack them on their word usage rather than stick to the essence of the dialogue.

I don’t see where the use of salty language is lessening their presence in a conversation.

I like salty language.  It has it’s place, especially when tactfully placed.  I’m not referring the the obnoxious person that just curses to be cursing or think that they are being cute.  Those people can’t pull it off.  They do lack the intelligence and poise to use ‘salty’ language.

Someone should write an etiquette book on the proper use of ‘salty’ language.  Hell!  Maybe I should!

I Like Salty Language, I Do!

So the next time you come across someone….particularly a women that’s conversation is laced with ‘salty’ language.  Don’t be so darn judgmental!  And if you feel that way don’t, just pause and enjoy the experience.  Don’t call up the need to judge!  Go with the flow and keep your sarcasm to yourself.  Observe the lady and those that are in the conversation.  You’ll probably learn something, at least if you have an open mind.

The world’s not coming to an end.  If anything it’s spinning a bit faster.

So if you’re out to be judgmental, consider this.  Fuck off!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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