I’ve Too Many Distractions!!

I’ve Too Many Distractions!!

How could that be…..too many distractions!  I’ve no job, no demands, none of that stuff that burdens regular mortals!  How could that be?

Well…..it’s true.  Here’s a quick look at the distractions.

The Caribbean.  I probably don’t have to go any further, if you don’t know what it looks like I don’t know what to say…..  Here’s a little pic  This is a short distance…..it occupies a lot of my thoughts…..there’s more!  Yeah……but it’s my choice to be here.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then there’s my new found affection for ‘tequila’!  I didn’t know that I liked it so much.  Now it’s not a guzzling thing for me.  Not like in the states where you get the lime, salt, and down the shot of tequila.  No, I like to sip my tequila.  Enjoy the remarkable flavors.  I didn’t know that there were so many different tequilas!

Food!  WOW!!  I for the most part stay away from the American food places here and the major tourist stops.  I want the most authentic I can find…..  Now this takes time!  I seek these little places out.  You gotta get in those little pueblos and find the real rich cuisine.  Takes time.    There’s a lot of places to discover.

I’ve Too Many Distractions!!

Happy hour or not drinking is inexpensive.  I could stop at Getaways on the bay between Tampa and St. Petersburg and get my a Corona for $6 and enjoy the calm water under the palapa……or I can get that same Corona here for around $1.85 or most any other beer for that price.  Let’s throw in ‘Happy Hour’ where it’s 2 for 1!!!!  I’m now paying about $0.93 a beer!!  Ridiculous!!!

Other than the Caribbean…..there’s Mayan ruins, jungle, cenotes, that wager for my attention.  I love the sights, sounds, and culture!

You see the distraction!!!

Oh, then there’s the social media.  I’ve made some very good friends over the years particularly on Facebook.  And those friendships have grown.  I look forward to communicating with them.  Hopefully they look forward to communicating with me.  Hehehehe.  While it’s hard to call that chatting with them a distraction, for what I’m doing…….it is temporarily.  Hopefully you’ll understand why in a bit.

Sleep…..I never knew that sleep could be so good.  Relaxation……I don’t believe I honestly knew what relaxation was before.

All these things compete for my attention everyday…..they are my distraction.

I’ve Too Many Distractions!!

So, what is it exactly that i’m being distracted from?

I have to finish writing my new music for my new CD!  It’s been roughly 8 years since I released my last CD. What have I been doing?  Well, I’ve been writing, recording demos and rerecording the songs……listening to my inner critic which has been using industry critics to criticize my work.  It has pushed me, but that’s a lot of discouragement to wade thru.  So now, I’m trying to put things in a structured schedule……hopefully that will work.

Plus I want to find a place to stay way in the jungle for about a week just to do my vocals.  Just adding a different atmosphere.

Then I began blogging!  Right here.  I actually thought this would help out my lyric writing but that hasn’t been the case as of yet.  Both are creative……but transforming the tome into 3 minute vignette hasn’t panned out as I expected.

So, I’m blogging and hopefully I’ll make a few dollars thru the advertisements placed in my articles.  In most cases, just the reader clicking the ad will pay me some money.  Don’t be shy!!  Click one or two….please.

While my traveling and exploring provides things for me to write about, I’ve been unsuccessful at writing while I’m traveling. And I seem more interested in the sights around me on a daily basis than writing.  My bad.

I’ve Too Many Distractions!!

I’ve 2 books, ebooks that I want to write.  One I have actually started on and may have all the necessary material on hand to complete!  My ideas are fun to toy with!  My mind is my playground and I get to express that here.

Reading.  I have books in my Kindle patiently waiting for my eyes to embrace their every word.  I also brought a number of actual books with me so I could physically turn a page and I don’t want to forget how to do that!

So there you have it……my distractions and what I’m being distracted from.

The solution is in the doing……So, i must go do.

I’ve Too Many Distractions!!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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