Urine Matters………Yep

Urine Matters………Yep


Something we all have in common.

Urine is clear, yellow, brown, pinkish…….

Urine comes in large quantities, small, medium and the dribble version.

It’s all urine and we all have it, do it, it’s actually a uniting experience. We may even be doing it at the same time, the same place…….I’ll leave it at that.

It’s a necessity.  If you don’t think so wait til you get an obstruction of some sort in your plumbing!  Yikes!  I’m here to tell you that’s not fun at all!

Just a few days ago there’s was a fatality on the highway outside the community I live in that backed up traffic for miles.  I was in that traffic.  I’d had a sufficient amount of beverage (various kinds) in me and the pressure was building up.  Serious pressure.  Now I’m starting to hurt and the traffic really ain’t moving.  What to do??  There’s no 7-11’s on the side of the road to pull in to, really there’s no side of the road because cars are using it as a lane……SERIOUSLY!!   Back to my problem.  I’ve really never been in this sort of fix.  Aha!!!  A Liverpool shopping bag!  Those are quality bags thick and heavy!  Now, how do I maneuver myself…….I did!  Relief!

That was a first!!  And no one driving by knew it!

When you really gotta go, you just gotta go!

I believe that if we as a worldwide population would focus on what we all have in common rather than our differences that out world would be a more peaceful place to live!

Urine Matters………Yep

Our urine also can be a tattletale.  It evidences as substance uses.  Marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, pizza, etc.  So urine can also be an unfaithful friend in the most inopportune times.  Should we behave?  I’ll leave that up to the individual.  I don’t meddle.

If you burn during urination, you’ve got a problem!  I had that problem once.  It had nothing to do with sex (I was to young to know how to use my hand yet) but rather my consumption of soft drinks. It seems the acid in the beverages was the culprit.  I was a heavy consumer……no one knew any better back in the day!

Yeah, I’m not much on moderation.  I’m not sure what’s up with that but, it’s me.

Bushes come in handy at times!

Back to the urine.

As I mentioned earlier about ‘relief’.  There’s been those times that having to go and not being able to hit the bathroom because of it being occupied, and heavy consumption of beer that when that magic moment arrives it’s orgasmic!!  I’ve been know to be verbal.

Here’s an instance when I was managing a radio station.  It was a Saturday morning and I popped in just to say hi to the DJ.  I couldn’t find him??  Let me back up for one moment……he came from a religious family, pentecostal.  He had a favorite preacher who like to talk about casting out demons.  Okay, now back to my visit.  I’m walking down the hallway across from the control room and right as I pass the bathroom I hear the DJ shouting, “Come out of there or I’m coming in to get you!”  Pissing can be an ambitious plight at times I guess.

We urinate differently.  We do.  Some sit, some stand, and some sit that should be standing.  Some have strong streams of urine while others weak………there’s reasons that we won’t get in to here.  But why do the standers sit?

Urine Matters………Yep

Some urine I understand is ‘smelly’!  I imagine that’s due to it’s chemical composition.  I do recall in my younger days when I was doing weight lifting and I concentrated on protein consumption……just as I mentioned above I’ve a problem with moderation.  Any way my urine produced an ammonia oder.  Strange. No time for a chemistry class though.

How about this one!!!  You go to a restroom at a bar or convenience store that is sorely neglected!!  The stench can turn the stomach.  How does that happen anyway?

Urine is a necessity…….we need to excrete (piss) the liquid waste.  If not illness will ensue.

I don’t have time to cover the equipment here, you know……inboard/outboard. But, I’m sure you understand that part.  Well, maybe not……there seems to be a growing angst about the dreaded predetermined sex aspect of biology.  Taxes my mind a bit too much.  But, nevertheless I have an understanding of individuality and there’s a misappropriation of gender that causes a lot of problems.  But, this is about ‘urine’.

Urine matters!  Unite in the common ground that despite our nationalities, races, religions, geographical location, accents, skin, eduction and other things I can’t think of at this moment that the common ground is urine.

Catheters will be a subject of another day.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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