Costa Rica Travel Day…

Costa Rica Travel Day…

Costa Rica!

Here’s how an interesting trip started…..

It’s 4:22 am in Cancun Mexico……at the Comfort Inn near the airport and it appears to be that the hotel shuts the hot water off over night.  So, I’m wide awake now!  It also seems that while their wifi is working, they have no internet service here. That means I’m using my iPhone as a ‘hotspot’.

And that’s how my day is starting.

At the airport in Cancun and everything is just running so smooth!!!  I met a ‘legends’ son here.  ‘Frisbee’ was a fixture in Puerto Aventuras until his death in October of 2016….I know of him from an article in The Pelican Press (thanks to Muriel).  At the airport it was his son that Helped with the fancy machines to process the passport and retrieve the boarding pass, bypassing all the lines.

Waiting for the boarding flight in front of Guy Fieri’s Restaurant.

Alright!!  Time to board, but wait!  We’re held up……it seems a stop was skipped.  I’m leaving Mexico as a Temporary Resident…..I have to stop at the Immigration Kiosk to fill out an uncomplicated form.  We’re being escorted and assured that we would have time before departure.  So much time in fact that after boarding the pilot immediately took off and that was 30 minutes ahead of schedule!!!

Nothing wrong here!!

The 30 minute head start doesn’t last because instead of a 3 1/2 hour layover in Miami it’s now a 4 hour layover.

That’s life!  And that ain’t bad…..  Besides there was a maze of entry for Passport Control and questions and lack of signage.  So that ate up about 45 minutes and the plane usually starts boarding about 30 minutes of departure. Other than that……nothing much happening here.

Costa Rica Travel Day…

Great view of Central Costa Rica!  

There’s a lot to expect, but I’m clueless as to what’s in store.  That, that is ‘adventure’.

Just reading about a place or looking at pictures isn’t quite enough… really need to be there for the experience.

Landing in Costa Rica…..  Nothing abnormal here.  Hustle thru customs, get the rental car, fire up the computer GPS and hit the road.

Yeah, if only it would be that simple.  Hang in there…  This gets to be a point of frustration and humor.  You’ll see.

First night on the outskirts of San Jose’ in rather small but modern pueblo Santa Anna.  Studio Suites I believe the name was….well is, they didn’t change the name.

Very comfortable place…..I wouldn’t mind going back for a few day just to relax. But that ain’t gonna happen.  Nope.

Okay, settled in.  Where’s the nearby bars?

Found this place in a shopping strip across from the hotel it’s a combo of business suites, condos and shoppes!

Treinta y Uno

Here’s the first stop.     31 craft beers on tap….I had a few. Learned a lesson here too.  Tips are included on the bill 10%.  Yes, you can have it removed and change it to 15 or 18% or even more if you like.  This place is different as there isn’t this much a variety of beers in Costa Rica.

Next up ‘Bufalo Grill’!  No I didn’t misspell this, that’s the way they spell ‘Bufalo’.  Neat little place chatted briefly with the owner. This little place a few steps from the hotel specializes in various ‘Bufalo’ dishes.  I have to admit…..I had 4 beers here and made a new friend in Kevin (more on Kevin in a bit).  Kevin was the bar tend….he introduced me to these beers. Craft beers.  Passion fruit, cabbage and coffee (that’s only 3, I got an Imperial too).  What a variety!  Passion fruit to the left, cabbage to the right.  By the way, the cabbage brew tastes a bit cabbagey.  I’m just experimenting!  I’ve opportunity, why not!   Another shot of the Passion Fruit brew.

Back to Kevin briefly.  Kevin is a member of the Costa Rica National Rugby Team!!  Solid built fellow!!!  I’ll be following him on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening with him.  Helping him with some info on a trip to Nicaragua.  He’s got a non-refundable ticket……had a change in plans, couldn’t make it so now he’s wondering what the hell to do there.  I can help.  It’s what I do.

Another stop was at the hotel for dinner and a couple more Imperial beers.

Tomorrow ‘Arenal’ Volcano!!!

Thanks for your patience and joining in with me!!

Peace, love and beaches,


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