It’s A Friggin’ Volcano!!!!

It’s A Friggin’ Volcano!!!!

I standing across the road from a VOLCANO!!! CRAZY!!

My room at the resort Montana de Fuego is ‘Directly Across From The Volcano!!! Right thru my cabin door…..there it is.

Spectacular!!  I’d never been up close to a volcano (although there was that ex-girl friend who was quite explosive!) and it still has some minor activity. It vents steam and smoke.  Remarkable and breath taking!  I actually couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.  Like I didn’t want to miss anything is anything would happen.  Not to worry though the worst part of the volcano is the bombs!  Some of those boulder that rocketed out of Arenal are bigger than a moderate sized house!!

We did try to trek up the west side…….but the going was too tough!  Made it a bit over halfway and then turned around.  Some of the walking was very steep, very steep.  And rugged.

The altitude does have an effect on your breathing and activity.  It’s not uncommon to have breaks.  Lots of times we would pass hikers that were stopped for a breather or we were passed by hikers as we were taking a breather.

The hiking part of Arenal was limited and there was not much new to be seen……we were amongst the stuff and limited only to the vision right off the trails.

There’s cattle grazing on the low levels of the volcano.  And the guide told me what species of bird this is …’s while and it basically stays around the cattle and will actually ride on the cows!  He’s eating the insects that are attracted to the cows!  Either that’s the wrong picture or I shot too high….  One of those excuses will work.

It’s A Friggin’ Volcano!!!!

 This little piece of discarded whatever is the leftover from a movie that was shot at the foot of The Arenal Volcano…….Will Smith movie, “After Earth”  Yeah!!!!

When the volcano erupted back in 1968 (this area photographed is called Arenal 1968) close to 300 people were killed.  Only 87 bodies were found.  Prior to the eruption the villagers had noted that the water of the Tabacon River had gotten hotter.  But no-one expected an eruption.  Families were caught off guard.  One of the men tells the story of walking a certain path and hearing the sound of an airplane regularly at a specific time daily.  On this particular day 7:30 am the sound was heard earlier accompanied by the earth shaking.  The man says he thought he was late on his journey so he began to run when he came upon his brothers who were confused with what was going on……Suddenly they found the urgency to run home as fast as they could…..they found their parents already dead.

This wasn’t just a one day event……this continued thru the 70’s and into the 80’s.

Prior to the 1968 eruption, Arenal had not had any activity 1500 B.C. according to recent studies.

The latest activity was 2010.

In the hotel rooms you can see cracks in the walls from tremor activity throughout the area.

It’s A Friggin’ Volcano!!!!

La Fortuna is the largest town around the area and it is said the the town goes by that name for one of two reasons.  First being that is was fortunate to be on the opposite side of where the volcano displayed its most violent work.  The other is because of the richness of the soil.  Lots of farming and cattle in the area.

Montana de Fuego (the resort) sits directly across the road from Arenal.  There’s mineral baths for relaxation and health located there fed by the geothermal network. There’s a GREAT spa…..yeah, I got the full service treatment.  Honestly, I’ve never been touched like that before. Ahemmmmmm.  More on that at another time.

And there are still streams that run that are hot that people flock to, to enjoy.  It’s worth it!

Would I go back?  Hell yeah!!  Would I drive?  Hell no!!  Driving up and back down the mountains is an intense experience and it didn’t afford me being able to enjoy the view….  Not only was there ups and downs but the curves would take my breath away! Try a curve with a down slope……change my pants!!!

Okay….there’s more on the way.

Stay tuned…..tomorrow a bit more of my adventure.  I have to tell you about walking the hanging bridges!!  WOW!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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