Montana de Fuego Resort, Farewell Arenal Volcano

Montana de Fuego Resort, Farewell Arenal Volcano

Farewell Arenal Volcano.
This wasn’t what I had expected.  But then, I didn’t know what to expect.  Maybe I didn’t even have any expectations.

But it was a delight!

Montana de Fuego Resort!

Just getting to the resort was a challenge, for me.  And it wasn’t directions, it was the terrain. I was having to drive over MOUNTAINS!   

Even though this drive really wore on me……it was worth it.  Next time, the bus!

The relaxation afford by Montana de Fuego relieved the stress of the drive…..there was the pool (a bit cool for me but I did manage to wade to the bar, I had to!!!  That’s where my ‘beer’ was at!!), warm mineral water pools, a great poolside bar with great service, volcano mud bath, massage spa(wine included), great helpful personnel, super tour access and service, spectacular view of Arenal Volcano, and great food!

Should you ever want to go…..Montana de Fuego will not disappoint, do it, do for you!

Here’s a quick look around the grounds……..I actually thought I had more pics.  But it seems that I was a bit on the selfish side enjoying the place without my iPhone or camera!!  Gads!  

It was real easy to relax and just soak things in…..but right next to my cabin in the parking area, so jerk decides to park over the parking lines…  I got bent out of shape over this little thing.  Yeah, I did.  I went and complained to the folks at the front desk.  The young man said, “Park over there.”  I questioned, “The handicap parking space?”  His reply was a simple, “Yes.”  So, I parked for the remainder time in the handicap space.  Problem solved!  Asshole!

No, I don’t have pictures of that!

Montana de Fuego Resort, Farewell Arenal Volcano

Here’s a quick look inside the cabin…….the door opens to Arenal Volcano! 

Wait!!  A few more from about…

And of course I have to return to the bar!  

Okay…..time to get out of here!!!

Cartago, Costa Rica is up next!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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