Next Stop………Cartago!

Next Stop………Cartago!


First…..there’s not gonna be many Cartago pictures.  Just driving in downtown Cartago is nerve wracking!  They don’t really pay attention to stop signs or traffic lights.  To do anything other than panic is out of the question.

Hey!  I wanted adventure!!

Its really hard to explain and I do wish I could’ve taken pictures but……imagine you’re driving downtown (any city it doesn’t really matter) and there’s 2 lanes.  You have a center line (sometimes) and a shoulder line (sometimes)……now imagine this….a slope of the shoulder at about 30+ degrees going down!!!  People will park their vehicles there!!!

That’s Cartago!

Misinformation.  All the sights to see (well except for 2) are a long, long ways from Cartago.  But this is where we laid our heads…….  Not a bad place.  A lot about the hotel was inconvenient…… Adjust, adapt and overcome!

So that’s the ruins…..the other is a Basilica that’s in use….I didn’t find anything outstanding to take any pictures about. Especially after you see the ruins of another church and the oldest pre-colonial church in use. Dynamic… the graveyard.

That’s coming up.  But first there’s a couple bars……  What did you think!!!

   This is Joseph.  He has absolutely nothing to do with the trip.

This is at the bar at the hotel…..great people, but not the liveliest of places to be….  You know…..I think this one is from the bar a bit down the road from the hotel….but it’s what I’m drinking (there’s not much a selection, and it’s good) I’m sure we’ll see.

Next Stop………Cartago!

There’s nothing I find to do in downtown Cartago……well, that’s necessarily true.  Cartago seems to have a very active shopping, cafe, and bar scene.  It’s just getting to them.  The locals have that all scoped out….they know the ins-and-outs of how to get where they want to go and basically there’s no room for ‘gringos’ in that equation.

I’ll survive.

There’s nothing really to do in Cartago.  But if you do some research, the area is rich in all sorts of stuff!  NOT!  That stuff is a considerable distance away…..considerable.  As you’ll find out.  But it’s fun..

The best thing I discovered is walking distance from the hotel.  It’s a Panedera Artesian……I fell in love.  Everything baked fresh from scratch.  And me, I love scratch.  I thought I’d taken a picture of the joint…’s in a really neat location near the hotel in a small pueblo!  But I can’t FIND it!!!!!  It’s about 3500 pics to sift thru!

From Cartago there’s access to the Orosi valley, Irazu Volcano and a few other exploits that I can’t spell under the influence of Don Julio (tequila) and a number of Sol beers.

This is Joseph…..he had nothing to do with the trip 

Peace, love, and beaches,


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