Orosi Valley……..This Is Different!

Orosi Valley……..This Is Different!

This is Orosi!

Just happened to visit during their festival!  How lucky is that!     I got some goodies too…..and they were good.  It’s a church festival. Seems that churches are at the center of their social gatherings……and bars.  Lots of bars!!!  Unbelievable!!  I’d love visiting all of ’em except for one little thing!  They are up in the mountains!!!  Getting a taxi home isn’t one of the easiest things to do.

There was one BIG thing I didn’t like about Costa Rica.  Everything was dollar based.  So there was really no money exchange benefit like in Mexico.  But!!!!!  I didn’t let that stop me from having FUN!

Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi, which was built in 1743 and is the oldest church in the country still in use today.  It’s a lovely church both inside and out…..look.

My favorite is the confessional….  The priest sits in the middle, and the ‘sinners’ kneel on the sides facing the priest.  I lacks privacy and that may be a good thing, you see I’m standing at the pew’s in the very front of the church!!  Hehehehehe.

Right there on the same grounds is a graveyard….  These are some really old graves, I found one from the late 1700’s…..can’t read  most of the tombstones they are so old!!!  It’s a small graveyard and there doesn’t seem to be any burials there since the 1970’s.

There’s also a coffee plantation in Orosi.  Sadly, I couldn’t find it.  I drove up in the nearby mountains following a few signs until I didn’t see the coffee plantation and no more signs.  So, that’s one thing I wanted to do …..that got away from me.

Orosi Valley……..This Is Different!

One thing I noticed that although this seems to be a highly knit community…..almost all the houses were barred and surrounded by heavy gates.  Another oddity….during this lent season people were selling goodies out of their front yards…..through the fences!!  Crazy!!!

I never sensed any danger……

It’s a small community with a bunch of bars and restaurants…..oh and markets.  No tourist shoppes!  I thought that to be a little odd.

These places are all over, not only Orosi but all the cities and pueblos. 

Looking back on Orosi valley from a nearby hill   

Oh……. I can’t forget about this picture!!  Imagine going home, day after day and this is your drive up the mountain!  I’d never come back down!!

It was really neat visiting such an old place…..walking thru history.

There’s more to come but first…….Irazu Volcano!!!  Yep, another volcano!  I got to the top and looked it right in the ‘cone’!!

I survived!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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