Las Ruinas de Ujarras, The Ruins of Ujarras

Las Ruinas de Ujarras, The Ruins of Ujarras

One more stop.  Ujarras.  No small task to reach!  I’ll refer to this as Ujarras Ruins.

This bridge is one way, the only way!   Buses cross this bridge all day long.    The turn at the end is sharp right and left. It’s not a far drop to the creek here, but I’m sure it would hurt! Hehehehe

The road isn’t this steep where I’m at, but it’s steep and I’m on the other side of this mountain.   This particular road in the picture is going straight up the mountain.  Me, I’m working a diagonal incline to this height to get to these ruins, then down just a bit and back up another mountain!!  You’ll see shortly.

Ujarras Ruins

  Here’s what I came looking for…  This church started as a simple ‘thatched’ roof church between 1561 and 1569 dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary with the title, “Immaculate Conception of Ujarras”.   From the ‘thatched’ roof church it evolved into a adobe church constructed with pitchforks and tiles between 1575 and 1580.   It’s a curious site as these walls are braced  and seem to have been for quite a while.  Surely the deterioration of the mortar will be an issue to addressed.

We had to show our passport before entering this site.

Ujarras Ruins  You can still see bits of the original tile!    I’m not sure what this area is….it’s in the back of the church. This view is from the side, to the right is like an altar that is built into the rear wall. 

Las Ruinas de Ujarras, The Ruins of Ujarras

Ujarras Ruins

The present ruins are the remnant of the last rebuilding with the bricks between 1681 and 1693.

In 1832 Governor Alvarado transferred the whole tow of Ujarras to a place called Los Riachuelos, Lucia which is presently known as Paraiso.

This whole thing really boggles my mind.  This is up in the mountains!!  A village in ‘no where’.  People from all over the world come to visit this place!  They, like us…..hunted this place down.  There were 4 other people arriving much the same time and they were from Germany.  I didn’t pay attention to the list of where the other visitors were from but we were 5th on the day and the others were…..well they were 6th.  This is about midday.  There’s tour buses all up and down these mountains!

Follow this…..this is purely coincidental the way it happened;

This is the church ,  I’m going   (that pic is zoomed in) from where I look down and see this  the church I left.   Above that white house thing is the park that sites high on the mountain that I take these pics from;   Along with the one of the church of course.

Las Ruinas de Ujarras, The Ruins of Ujarras

I’d like to say I’d make this and all the other trips again.  But, it was tough.  Mentally and physically it was real tough.  For others it would have been a piece of cake.  But, I don’t regret one single moment.  Well, there is one when I bottomed out the car on the way to Guayabo National Monument and another volcano……I felt it was best to turn around.

Guayabo National Monument is the largest and most important archeological site in the country, Guayabo is a mysterious ancient city that was home to more than 10,000 people before the Spanish arrived in the country in the 16th century. Old inhabitants of the ruins are unknown by scientists, and currently only 10 percent of the 218 hectares have been excavated.  These places dates back to 1,000 B.C.!!

I’m home.

Hope you enjoyed!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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