I’m Into Flower Power……Still!

I’m Into Flower Power……Still!

Flower Power!

Here’s the thing.  I don’t know their names.  And so far, none seem to be insulted by my ignorance.  But I’m sure a few humans would be.

You see I appreciate their beauty and they……well they appreciate my appreciation.  They sense my adoration.

Most don’t know this but I use to grow roses at my house in Florida.  I had a few select bushes that I loved.  Gosh they were beautiful and so many roses!!  That I miss.

So, is it important that I learn the names of the blossoms?  I’m so busy enjoying their showing off that I’m speechless anyway!!

While in Costa Rica I was treated to some very lovely blossoms.  Unforgettable!!

These were prominent at the spa and the rainforests around Arenal Volcano.     Maybe I could name 1 or 2.  Is that such a ‘BIG’ deal?  I was so in touch with them in their natural environment.  How can that be bad?  I didn’t dare pick any……they seemed to be so content and full of life!  Besides, I could enjoy them in their abundance most anywhere I went.  That’s a good thing.

I can’t say that I have a favorite.  No, each one shared it’s beauty with me……I couldn’t possibly choose.  Like a person that shows you who they are…..all their blemishes which you don’t see because of their beauty.  Besides, it’s the beauty I look for.

Their lives are full of purpose in our lives……but I get the feeling they love their beauty being appreciated by us foremost.  No, they never said anything……it was just the pride of their existence.

I’m Into Flower Power……Still!

Now, I did mention my ignorance.  I hope my honesty doesn’t bother you.  And I’ll probably continue in that vein of ignorance and just enjoy.  For some reason……I like that.

  When I saw this bee visiting this flower, I was totally captivated.  I believe I have another dozen of them in the midst of this intimate nature experience.  Something that in my younger days I probably would have just ignored.  By not this day.  This was the apple of my eye today.

Everyone that’s been on my Facebook page and other social media will be familiar with this one;  And I’m clueless as the what’s the names of either.  But I think I captured their beauty.  Just a hunch.

So let me give you a bit more of what I’ve seen up around 10,200 feet above sea level…..

  Okay….this one isn’t a flower, but what’s peculiar is that this is supposed to be a lime.

I can never get enough…..I took so many flower pictures it’s ridiculous!!!  

Flower power!!!  It’s alive and well in my heart!

Peace, love, and love,


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