Learning To Travel, It’s Not Mistake Free

Learning To Travel, It’s Not Mistake Free

Learning to travel isn’t Mistake free……and that’s part of the adventure.

We can’t talk about adventure without going where we haven’t been.

That’s why having a ‘baby’ is an adventure.  I had to throw that one in, just because it’s true.  And I don’t won’t to make it sound like everyone has to look in the mouth of a volcano for adventure.  It can also be found at a disco in Benidorm, Spain!!  Hi Carole.

It’s one thing to live it thru another, but there’s no substitute for getting a bit dirty yourself.

I remember making a short journey down to The Tulum Ruins.  That caught me by surprise in many ways…..and hopefully I won’t make the same mistakes (there will be new ones) when I visit Coba shortly.

Going to visit the Tulum Ruins…..I didn’t know what to expect.  This was in January.  First the place was PACKED!!  The lines!!!  WOW!  But, you see people were there for more than the ruins….some weren’t there for the ruins at all!  WHAT!!! This is why they were here;    The beach!  Easiest access to the area where a whole lot of Corona commercials are filmed.  So if you’ve seen those commercials you’ll understand why people want to go there.

But here’s my mistake (besides not bringing beer)….Oh but first, there’s no refreshments on the ruin grounds.  Nada!  Zilch!  0!  Nothing!

Learning To Travel, It’s Not Mistake Free

I have an insulated backpack for beverages.  I had 6 liters of water and about 4 kilos of ice strapped to my back.  And although I was dressed for warm/hot weather (which it was), carrying that much weight on my overweight body was excruciating!  No lie!!  There’s not much shade available…..just a small resting area or two.  Other than that sitting is in the sun, or shade is for walking only….and that was an incline!  In less than a handful of ruins sights I was exhausted.  I needed 2 major things; 1 water (great, I had plenty of that) and 2 was to sit in the shade…..for a good bit!  The shade nor the sitting was immediately available so that became my priority.

I’m not sure how I could’ve avoided this……although I did see some people with far less clothes on than I. Mostly young women.  So that brightened up my experience.

Not knowing the native language at a tourist stop isn’t a problem……they know English.  So, put that obstacle away.

Just not knowing and not having experience will be enough to birth some unique mistakes.  Those mistakes are part of the adventure.

Here’s an easy mistake to avoid.  When traveling do your best to avoid the tourist traps and this goes for restaurants too.  And you can usually buy your souvenirs less expensive a bit off the tourist path and at their local super stores (which aren’t as super as those in the states or England….no Harrods here!).

Learning To Travel, It’s Not Mistake Free

I know in Playa del Carmen it’s famous for it’s beautiful and easily accessible beach and turquoise waters….there’s also their famous 5th Avenue.  I runs the length of the beach practically…..that’s almost the length north and south of the city.  The shop owners and workers go out in the streets to get you!!!  They are not shy!  You can buy a Maya Riviera shot glass for 5 or 6 American dollars or get out of there, taxi up about 8 blocks to Walmart and buy it for 1 or 2 American dollars.  Yes Playa del Carmen has a Walmart, actually they have 2……but the other is a bit of a drive.

In La Fortuna Costa Rica.  There are 2 main east/west roads.  The southern road (running west) has the busiest stores and the largest crowds.  But the Northern road (running east, they are one ways) has souvenir shops but they don’t have the crowds and look I’m only talking the distance apart of one regular city block.  A 2 minute walk!  The prices are cheaper for the most part on the Northern road.

Mistakes….. I know a lot of them up close and personally.

Mistakes, I made a few

In Costa Rica…..directions to places is very difficult.  Streets aren’t identified easily. Directions are given in meters and kilometers with accompany right/left turns are landmarks or various colored buildings/houses.  It’s a challenge.  You, just as I will make some wrong turns.  Often too.

Another thing I found is that most people work where they live.  They don’t travel out of that small area so to ask for directions beyond or outside of their scope of life is futile.  They may try to help but trust me, that won’t work.

In Veracruz……I couldn’t find a mapa even pronouncing it properly!  Why would I need a mapa?  GPS and Internet accessiblity was non existent.  Shit happens!

Learning To Travel, It’s Not Mistake Free

I’m just starting!!

Mistakes abound!!  Sometimes just making eye contact with the wrong person can take you down the path of a shady experience.  Know how to say ‘no’.

I’m an eye contact person.  I’m looking at everyone so I’m approached by some wayward characters in the disguise of friendliness.  I don’t act uncomfortable (even if I am), I just force my will on them.  They don’t easily back away…….stay strong, and I stay safe.  Oh, don’t follow them down an alley or thru a curtain in their business.

Don’t get up set with making a mistake in your travels, or even just a bit from home.  Getting upset about a mistake is diminishing the adventure and turning it into a bad experience.  It’s not.  Don’t let it be.  Even if you leave your Nikon D3200 unattended on a bench on the Cozumel waterfront and it vanishes.  It can be replaced and has been replaced. Life goes on…..Obladi Oblada.

Have fun!!!

See ya around!

Look for my upcoming blog on taking care for safety on your travels.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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