Here’s The Plan, Here’s The Dilemma

Here’s The Plan, Here’s The Dilemma

Plan?  Dilemma?

Did I mention, PROBLEM?

All of this stuff is related.  You may ask yourself after reading some of my blog postings, or my social media pages……what the fuck do you mean ‘PROBLEM’.

Well, there’s all sorts of problems and degrees of problems.  Some seen and known while others are unseen and yep, unknown.  I’m going with the known problem.  It’s from the plan and here’s the dilemmas I’m faced with.

The plan.  The plan is to travel more.

Now how could that be a problem and what sort of dilemma has arisen.  The plan for traveling is a very fluid one.  It’s a learning one!

Budgeting has to be considered.  I mean, I’m really not independently wealthy despite what some may think.  Understand, it is much, much cheaper to live in Mexico than in the U.S.  And there’s other countries where it’s cheaper than the U.S. too……I wouldn’t put Costa Rica in that category.  I was in shock over the cost there.

Anyway back to budgeting aspect of traveling.

There is two main plights in planning a trip.  The cost and the timing.  They are related.  It costs more to travel to a place during its high tourist season (mostly when the weather is the most pleasant or a holiday) and it cost less during what is known as the off season.

For some people, cost isn’t a component in their travels because either they are independently wealthy or they are traveling on someone else’s dime.  For me, neither of those apply.

Here’s The Plan, Here’s The Dilemma

If I schedule my traveling around my seasonal comfort, I’m paying more for my travel than I’d like.  Also, there’s the ‘other’ aspect of time which I didn’t know about.  Yeah, there’s another aspect of time.  It’s the time of the depart and arrival of flights.  You’d be surprised at the number of flights that land between 11pm and 4am!!  Now, at first glance that may not be a problem for you…..  But look at it from this point of view.  Arriving in a foreign country at an odd hour and not knowing exactly where you’re going can be a bit discomforting.  Well, it is for me.  I’m concerned for my safety and not every place at every moment is safe.  This is one instance that I like crowds.

So, the least expensive times in season are the longest flights and the oddest time arrivals. But then you have to contend with the increase in rental rates.

But, if I shift my traveling schedule for offseason……bingo!  My world of travel seems to be brighter and more affordable.

Coming back to the Caribbean from Louisiana in January of 2018 is the high season.  So, it’s more expensive especially with rentals. I like the low end of the medium price range for my budget and comfort.  It’s not the most comfortable but something I can manage.

So Europe is looking to get the nod.  Although I’m still liking Asia.  But, it looks like Europe to start off 2018 around January 10th.  $503 for a flight to Rome, Italy…..that’s looking to be the start off point traveling the boot and visiting a few islands then up to Venice and Tuscany area.  From there a train tour.  I’ve got plans for a few visits in France with Noelle and her family.  In all, I’m thinking about 3 months this time around with a return visit sometime the following year with a very extended stay.

Here’s The Plan, Here’s The Dilemma

From Europe, it’s to the Caribbean and back to Mexico for September of 2018 for my residency renewal.

All this globe trotting seems to be expensive but its really not.  I’m not going to be staying at any spa/resorts.  I’ll being using  I’ve used this before, with great results on expenses and sights and a bit of luxury in some ways.  I get a nice clean house/apt/condo (no hostels, even though that is extremely cheap), free wifi, free electricity, free toiletries, free maid service…….I’m just paying for rental use for a week, weeks, or month.  The longer the stay, the deeper the discount.  A lot of time and research goes into this…..I actually started looking into Italy 2 years ago.

Ground transportation is inexpensive with the exception of car rentals and then there are deals to be had there too.  You gotta look.  It’s not easy.

Keep in mind, it’s an adventure!

So it looks like I’ll be an off season traveler for the most part.  I’ll get to see the places I want to see and I’ll be able to stay in budget.  Just a bit of discomfort of the season……but then I may ‘love’ it!!

As a matter of fact I’m beginning to like the idea.  It’ll call for a drastic wardrobe change.  I think I can handle this.

Packing for traveling is different than packing for a vacation or a quick week getaway.  Packing has to minimal and light.  I’ll be lugging this shit around.  Having lots of stuff and heavy not only slows a person down but it also makes them an easier target for petty crimes.  Keeping it simple and light.

Here’s The Plan, Here’s The Dilemma

All my travels will encounter Mexico (working up to my permanent residency) and a holiday stay in the states……although I’d like to spend Christmas in Paris, France at least once.

Not having all the answers isn’t all that bad.  After all, I’m looking for adventure and the unknown is adventure.

I think I may have just worked thru this situation.


Peace, love, and beaches,


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