Oh my! Mineral Water!!!

Oh my! Mineral Water!!!

I had to experience it to believe it.  Mineral water!

Once upon a time during my adventure to Arenal Volcano I stay at the Montana de Fuego Spa and Resort.  There I had 3 mineral springs to relax in, and relax in them I did.  All during my time in those springs I’d periodically rinse my face.  The results, I didn’t have to wait on……  I didn’t towel dry my face at all, I just let the air work its magic.  And magic is was, and magic is still working.

I don’t have a mineral spring where I live in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.  I do have Cenote’s….but they are just cold natural spring water.  I’m sure minerals involved there.  And when summer gets here, I’ll venture.

I can’t live at Montana de Fuego.  So leaving those mineral springs really was a heartbreak.


Bottled mineral water works!

I read about, then I tried it and sure enough…..IT WORKS!!  I can feel the tightness of my skin and the cleanliness of it too!!  It’s MAGIC!  It cleanses and closes the pores!!!  Visual evidence is on display in my mirror!!  My face is also softer and some of the age wrinkles are lessoned.  Another thing I use is coconut oil and I’ll share that beauty secret at another time.

Something so inexpensive, simple sitting right there on your grocery store shelf for the most part ignored is a magic beauty secret waiting for your discovery!  I’ll have to use that line elsewhere in this blog.

My face, hands, neck and arms feel so invigorated!!  Fresh and youthful..  Some of you may want to see the pictures.  Sorry, I’m 90 days away from any pictures of me……I have a rebuilding project I’m undergoing.

Oh my! Mineral Water!!!

So what’s in mineral water that makes it so …….magical??  Minerals.  Yeah, too easy.  Here’s a quick overview of what’s in most common mineral waters; salts, sulfur compounds, calcium and magnesium ions, and it seems to have a natural carbonation when bottled.

There’s rules too!!!  Nothing, absolutely nothing can be added to it.

Remember, I said common mineral waters……

Right now I’m thinking this stuff is the BEST!!  I can see the difference, and feel the difference!!  As I said…..I think I said, and if I didn’t say, I’m saying now…….pics in 90 days.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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