Tom Brady Has Got Me Thinking….

Tom Brady Has Got Me Thinking….

Tom Brady, the football player.

And……this article isn’t about football or any sport.

Even though it’s the end of the college basketball season and the start of Baseball season, Tom Brady has got me thinking.

First let me say that I’m really not a big sports guy anymore.  I don’t even read much about sports.  There are other interests that I can readily participate in rather than being a spectator.

But this morning I see where Aaron Rodgers the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers was expressing his fandom for Tom Brady and that Tom has stated he wants to play professional football well into his 40’s (45 years old at least that’s what the sports commentator says in the video).  That’s really unheard of…..due to the physicality of the game and the pounding the quarterback takes.  The quarterback handles the football on most every play that his team is on offense (almost meaning there are trick plays very few that don’t involve the quarterback directly but they exist)….that makes him a target.  A sitting target and a moving target.

To do this he just didn’t wake up this morning and say…..I’m going to do play this game til I’m 45 and I’m what…….39 now.  Nope, this is a decision that was made some time back.  At his age now and the hits he’s taken he should be spending a lot of time watching the game from the barrage of hits he takes.  Not to mention that being the ‘winner’ he is, pretty face, pretty wife, nice family…….makes him hated!  Get that his success makes him hated!

Tom Brady Has Got Me Thinking….

I was intrigued reading what Aaron Rodgers was saying.  He takes care of his body.  Unlike others.  He takes serious care of his body….and his mind.  He’s prepared!

This is sports.  My top athletic participations are yoga, walking and wrestling with the bed sheets getting out of bed.

So, how does a Tom Brady football player get my attention this morning?

Well, I’m always looking for some way to improve me.  Tom Brady got me to thinking about improving me.  Where could I expand myself to expend myself in this quick life.

And that was the answer.  Long life.

I imagined a conversation with my son and he was telling me that at some point and it doesn’t matter when, that’s it….he’s done with life.  Ready to retire to the celestial universe.  Okay…… BUT!!

He seems to be having fun in life.  At least from my point of view.  I just see things different from my point of view and this has nothing to do with him and everything to do with ME!


Living adventure.  I’m not close to anywhere where I’d consider well, that’s enough….I’m out of here, later!  Nope, not me.

I’m thinking of being the Tom Brady of life.  Longevity!  And why not?  No, I’m not indestructible and I don’t think I’m going to live forever.  But I do see that there’s a lot more to living this life than sitting around haphazardly waiting for the final bell to ring.  Or worse yet, not considering that it will end.  And suddenly it will!

Tom Brady Has Got Me Thinking….

I want to participate in life to its fullest…..or should I say my fullest.  I’m a tad bit older than he, so I’m getting a later start at this longevity thing.  But, none the less…….longevity in participating in life is my objective. I’ve more music to write and songs to sing, more blogs to write of the experiences I live.  I’ve more books to write from the crooked abstract of my free flowing thoughts.  There’s more places to visit, people to meet, pictures to take…….air to breathe.

So what do I do??

I do take fairly good care of myself but I know I could eat better, could drink less, exercise more.  I do keep myself well hydrated and as I keep coming across different things that are healthy for me and add them to my life.  I’ll keep paying attention to health reports.  I’m thinking I’m close because you see…….there are things I enjoy in partaking in life that by whoever’s  standards say that activity isn’t the healthiest route to take.  I’m not gonna deprive myself of that beer, that fatty food, that day off of exercise, I’m not.  Too many people try to tell others how to live when we can read where a 94 year old woman that smokes a pack daily since she was 19 is still doing it!  A 91 year old man that drinks everyday is still…….drinking.  An 86 year old man is skydiving!!!

I’ll take today with my eyes on being here in 40 more years.  Vibrant!  Living a life with the zeal of a person still clueless as to any meaning of life and when it will end.

Tom Brady Has Got Me Thinking….

WAIT!!!  I’m gonna take care of my body.  It’s my vehicle to that future.  I’m in no way thinking of abusing it as I have so proficiently done in my days of youth.  I’m destructible.

Right now, I’m in training for ‘longevity’ of life.  I’ll do those things that are so good for me, I’ll explore new things that are good for me, I’ll benefit from the science of today that takes me to tomorrow and beyond.  I have desire. And all along the way I’ll not deprive myself of the pleasures that grace my life.

I don’t want to forsake any of my being or forfeit it to age.  I’m boning up on this!  Hehehehe.

I’ll love everyone on everyday.  I’ll not just think of all the good in the world that I can do, I’ll champion it too!

Everyday can be my superbowl.  Every breath is my next play.  I’ll be focused with the image of doing.  There’s a lot more to be played, to be enjoyed, to experience…..and I don’t believe it’s too late to start.

If Tom Brady can play such a physically demanding game into his 40’s, I can live life beyond what others expect too.

With an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to move into my  future… I go.  You too!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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