Today…Today Is My Birthday!

Today…Today Is My Birthday!

Yes, Today is my birthday…..yep.

I’m still here…..and my intention is to stick around a bit longer.  I must admit though, I didn’t expect to be here this long……and if you haven’t and you should read yesterdays blog. I intend to make this a life.

This is a different birthday.  It’s full on life and the expectation of a much longer life.  Full of adventure.

I have an earnest appreciation for this birthday.  Not that I had a close call of an event or anything…’s just I’m appreciative of the opportunity to experience what I have and what’s to come.  Although nothing is promised (as the cliche’ goes)…….I have intentions to live out.  That’s motivating!

So, what’s in a birthday?  365 days!  Why is it a time to celebrate?  Because despite ourselves we’ve made it thru another year?  I think that’s the ‘unspoken’ reason.

I, at one time didn’t care for celebrating or even thinking of my birthday.  Though at that time I wasn’t as self-centered as I am now.  I think being ‘selfless’ is a crock of……..   I’ve done both and I much prefer being self-centered…..doing things that please me.

I’ve gone so far as to set a goal to have another birthday next year at this same time…….I think I’m gonna be in Europe then. Everything is fluid with this traveling and planning.  But I like the idea of Paris sitting at a Cafe’ On The Left Bank.

My anticipation for the day…….GREAT STUFF!!!  My first thought goes to a morning walk and the day at the beach. With music!  I must have music!  I’m telling you……that’s perfect for me.  No frills!  Just me being happy in a place that makes me happy.

Today…Today Is My Birthday!

I may not have cake, I might have tequila. I might not make any important decisions.

I’m thinking of just enjoying every splendid second!!

Feeling the sand between my toes, wading in the Caribbean, drink in the sun as it rains upon my skin, watch the palm trees swaying in tune of a song, gathering an eye full of all that surrounds……enjoy the sound of the waves as they lap upon the shore…..  I’m sure that a few cold beers will be in order.

This birthday I just sense such a freedom that I’ve not experienced before…….this is awesome.

I’m neither troubled or rushed, my angst is washed away.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Nikola Tesla

I think my present to myself is who I am.  It’s taken a while to get here, to who I am……and I like it.  I enjoy me!

Today…Today Is My Birthday!

So….what now?  What else can I do with my life?  I’m working on somethings…..but you know, lifting the boundaries of the mind is no easy task.  Like walking a tight rope, afraid to fall…….only the rope is on the ground.

One day at a time…..

I do feel a tad anxious this morning……like I must do something and that something must be different.  I’m thinking that’s a good thing as long as I keep my head about me.

I had a moment a bit earlier when I saw a picture of a lighting bug.  My thoughts rushed back in time directly to specific memories.  2 things took place…..1st, I welcomed the memory, 2nd is how amazing our brains are to be able to pick something out 33 years ago so instantaneously, like it was happening now.  I didn’t stay there long…..too much to tend to in my present now.

I’m anticipating have a really Fabulous day…..   Doing a morning walk to the Centro having breakfast with a Bloody Mary……coming back to the condo for some Cheesecake laden with berries.  Relax before lunch and heading to the beach (my favorite place) with a few cold beers.  Then back to the condo for my  Cheesecake dressed in berries and relaxation.  It’s simple.  But……it’s what I want.

I like getting what I want.

I plan on getting what I want.  A real laid out plan.  I’ve learned to appreciate indulging myself.  Not just on my birthday, everyday that the opportunity to indulge arises.

I’m in an all-around ‘good place’.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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