President Trump Is Destined For Failure!

President Trump Is Destined For Failure!

This is not a ‘political’ post in favor of or in opposition of President Trump……..Ross Perot was destined for the same.

First off take a deep breath and just for the duration of this writing (you can do it after if you’d like, that would be best….but that’s just my opinion) disarm yourself as to whether you are for or against President Trump.

I think it’s important that you disarm yourself to first see my point and second to be objective.

Throw away for the duration of this writing any preconceived ideas that the press has instilled in your mind. It’s important.

This is too simple to perhaps write a blog on but…….I fail to see much objectivity in the general public.

Donald Trump is qualified to be President of the United States.  QUIT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!  I told you…..objectivity.  Here’s the reason he is qualified(qualified–having complied with the specific requirements or precedent conditions {as for an office or employment}, per Merriam-Webster) to be President; 35 years of age or older, Resident of the United States for 14 years, and must be a ‘natural born citizen’.  You can find this at!/articles/2/essays/82/presidential-eligibility.  Just note, this is from our constitution……not some opinion.

President Trump Is Destined For Failure!

So, if you are 35 or older, a resident of the United States for 14 years and a natural born citizen to the U.S. you too meet the requirements to be President of the United States.  It was our forefathers that while they didn’t foresee the complexities of this world in 2017 did believe that we were all ‘created equal’.

Meeting the requirements set forth then, in our world today requires that should a non-politician without government experience attain the office of the President of The United States, he or she must surround themselves with people of the expertise to manage this government.  It’s not a business in the sense of owning a food service franchise.  The composition of our government with its checks and balances goes beyond the simplicity of such.

With that out of the way…….you or I would have a failed Presidency as much as President Trump will have a failed presidency.

Oh….let me say now that I’m pulling for President Trump, I pulled for President Obama and all those that preceded during my adult life time.  And I’ll do the same in the future.

The REASON for the FAILURE is simple.  He nor we are part of the system.  Both of the major ruling parties watch out for the other……they are a different social class.  He like you or I are not part of their group and not privy to their schemes.

It’s similar to a sporting event.  There’s competition, we choose the side we pull for, and we have nothing to do with the outcome.

How often do we think that would our political leaders do is ‘ridiculous’ and wonder what the hell they are thinking.  Surely if we would be there we would put an end to the frivolous spending, dubious laws shaded by a carefully crafted name, bridge the gaps of disagreement…..  All the things we disapprove of.

President Trump Is Destined For Failure!

There are things that politicians do that are foreign to us…….but have purpose in their arena of play.  There are reasons for politicians doing the absurd things that they do……and we aren’t allowed to know.  Oh, you can say….”yes we are allowed to know.”  That sounds good, but in their reality…..sweetie that ain’t gonna happen.  And it is their reality and we don’t get to play…..we’re merely the subjects they get to rule.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this man under attack from both parties and the news?”  Could it really be because of his ‘grab the pussy’?  Or could it be that ……(and this is what I truly believe), the politician’s don’t want someone coming in and exposing the details of their schemes, disrupting their power of influence, changing their game…….   There’s more.  There’s more at stake here for the status quo of the political system, so much that never before (with the exception of Lincoln) has so much hatred been stirred-up against a president.  Not even Nixon.

The politicians have a lot to lose when an outsider is involved.  They must protect their institution. This is all about ‘POWER’!!  And the politicians won’t let go of it easily.

Our politician’s at work is dishing out foreign aid to other countries throughout the world (foreign aid is just another form of bribery for doing some things that we can’t see and probably wouldn’t approve of) while our veteran’s go without proper care (I was able to see this up close in St. Petersburg, FL. VA, veteran’s coming to our hospital looking for treatment that they were turned down for at the VA hospital, looking for someway thru the bureaucracy to have healthcare….much needed healthcare), our elderly need help with medicinal needs and their ‘social security’ is used as a ploy to negotiate government budget items……Oh!!!!  Let’s not forget our government giving ‘billions’ to countries that are on record as to wanting to destroy our country.  Our homeless and needy……are abandoned by our politician’s in lieu of giving money to foreign countries.  By the way, don’t be so niave as to think that the money we send abroad is feeding the impoverished… enriches the coffers of the rulers, similar to here).

President Trump Is Destined For Failure!

You may think I’m a bit off my compassionate rocker…….no, I’m a realist.

What our country needs is the shroud of deception that our government hides behind doing its will rather than the will of the people.  But, I’m not optimistic this will be happening anytime in the future.  I tell you what, if you think you’re without spot or wrinkle……run for office and you’ll find out how deprave and despicable you really are.

If you or I would to run and win the presidency…….we would fail.  On so many levels.  We’d be fair game for a  political bribery trap, set up by politicians to be embarrassed to the masses and ridiculed on a daily basis.  The innocence of our intentions will have faded into oblivion never to be seen again.  Meet for the fodder.

You would fail as President of the United States…….just as I would, just as Donald Trump will fail.

I know that everyone has their minds made up, just as they did with President Obama.  But ‘this is different’!!  This is the type of situation we really need (I’m not referring to the hatred and attacks)….what I’m referring to is a president that isn’t bought and paid for by any bit of politics.  Hell, this man admittedly states he didn’t expect to win (don’t give me the popular vote sad story……that’s happened before)!  He didn’t and probably doesn’t need the level of ridicule that is accompanying him in this part of his life, while this wouldn’t have happened if he still just lived his rich celebrity life.  Bad trade off…..can’t see anyone wanting to do that.

President Trump Is Destined For Failure!

Maybe we’ll have the chance again in the future.  That having a non-politician sitting in the White House trying to bring some sensibility and responsibility to government. Understand though……whoever that individual would be, they will be very wealthy and can’t be bought.

If you judge me as being a pro-Trump you’re wrong and you’re right.  The president has my support as did the previous presidents.  I’ll tell you….I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump.  No I didn’t vote for Mrs. Clinton either…… Nor Mrs. Stein.  My vote went elsewhere.  As it did for Obama’s second run (truth be told I voted for him the first run because the alternative was much worse and I was optimistic), I then voted for Rosanne Barr.  Yes, Rosanne ran for president. She may not have been on every states ballot.  Then, there’s always the option of a write-in…….I campaigned late for a run at the presidency via a write-in candidate while sitting a beach in the Mexican Caribbean.

Now reassume your judgmental attitude and attack positions.

Failure isn’t final……a lot of great success start out as failures.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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