The Hardest Part of Rest and Relaxation

The Hardest Part of Rest and Relaxation

Silly! What could possibly be hard about rest and relaxation.

Yeah, I know!!

I think this is something we all strive for working 40 plus years to enjoy.  This can’t be hard.  I must be desperate for something to write about…..

Click bait!

Nah!  It is difficult.

Think for a moment… your training years.  That being all the years of schooling that you went thru.  How many courses did you take on ‘Rest and Relaxation’.  My schools never offered me such courses.  As a matter of fact my schools demanded action, accomplishment and the like.  Taught me that I should get a job, find a career and lead a responsible life (semi-responsible in my case, but they tried), retire and die.

What else is there?  Right??

We’re not taught to ‘rest and relax’……we’re taught to hustle, achieve, work longer, work harder, work smarter.  You see!

Even our weekends as workers are filled with fixing things around the house hurry thru something before the next work week begins!

And Sundays!  Sundays were always a split day for me…..the first portion was enjoying the second portion was dreading Monday.  By the way….did you know I have a song “No More Mondays”!  You can download a free copy at .  Don’t try to buy anything there right now……come back a bit later.

Why aren’t we instructed, seriously instructed and taught the benefits and how to of R&R?  I know no one is gonna give that any serious thought……they don’t have time!!!  Too busy!!

The Hardest Part of Rest and Relaxation

I know that physically we need to give our bodies some rest and we do that to some extent nightly.  But what about our minds!!  Our mind need rest and relaxation too! Not the deprivation of such in the name of accomplishment!

I think in some areas that rest and relaxation is defined as being ‘lazy’ and that’s unfair.  It adds one more inhibition to the plight.

So, you think that if you’re wealthy beyond measure or even within measure that relaxation will be a piece of cake.  Nah!  Your concerns and efforts that have been ingrained in you will find activities to busy your body…..mine right now is writing this blog.  But, I do get a lot of pleasure out of writing this blog and believe it or not…..I’m not making much money here.  But I enjoy doing it. It is really effortless.  I love to write.  I like seeing where my mind will take me.  Creativity dancing and I get to dance along.

We’re taught, trained to be doing stuff.  So when we longer have that ‘stuff’ to do that we were getting paid for and such……we look to fill that void!  It’s HARD!

Guilt slips in there too…..  Gosh, I should be doing something!!  What is it that I need to do??  I need to find something to have some purpose!!  I know, I’ll become a Walmart greeter!!!  Back to another job.

The hardest part of rest and relaxation is the rest and relaxation.


The Hardest Part of Rest and Relaxation

Donate your time to a worthy cause.  Sounds nice.  Can you do it at will without a schedule or doing it everyday.  If not, you’re not doing the rest and relaxation, you’re working for free.  Both free and for pay have their rewards.

I’m not knocking doing good in one’s free time in the paragraph above……I’m referring to structure that people seek instead of flowing in rest and relaxation.

Me…..I don’t have any structure to my day.  I get up when I get up, I don’t what I want to do when I want to do it if I want to do it……  You know, I like to see the sunrise, but it won’t wait for me.  Such is life.

The hardest part of rest and relaxation is the rest and relaxation.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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