You Should Enjoy Being Naked

You Should Enjoy Being Naked

You should enjoy being naked……it’s really a wonderful experience. Particularly when you’re alone.

Such a freedom.  I don’t believe a person really knows what freedom feels like until they just enjoy being naked.

It doesn’t make you kinky or odd……it’s natural.  It’s the people that think it a bit odd that or the real odd balls.

For me…..the very best time is anytime but……….I really love the morning.  It’s like I’m unshackled!!  I’m in touch with nature, I’m up close and personal with my existence.

What could possibly be wrong with spending some substantial time naked, you know…….I can be 2 feet from my patio door or on my patio in the early hours and I just find this to be so intimate with life.

Who cares what size or shape!!!!   It doesn’t matter!!!  Don’t let that be an excuse to not enjoy the pleasure of nudity!!  After all, we were all born that way, and at the end we’ll all be laying on a cold table having ourselves exposed to a total stranger.  You wanna try doing something about that!!!

Do people bother me in the early hour?  No.  Odds are there aren’t any gawkers about.  Of course if word gets out, I may acquire a viewing crew.  But that’s alright with me.  They’re invited to sit and sip a cup of coffee with me if they’d like.  Naked or clothed.  Odds are they would want to be clothed.

Do I worry about people maybe staring?  No, it’s natural but a bit out of the ordinary so what…….my body isn’t gonna morph into something it isn’t right before their eyes.  I actually don’t think they would just stare….we’d converse as any two, three or more people enjoying one another’s company!

You Should Enjoy Being Naked

What’s stopping you?  You think that you’ll be judged?  You don’t like the way you look?  (Don’t look!)  You don’t like the way it feels??

Get over it!!!

It’s you, it’s your life!!!  It’s your body!!!

Have at it!!  Enjoy!

I’m not venturing into the part of our bodies being our personal amusement parks, that’s for another time.  All I’m saying is that the freedom you’ll feel won’t go away.  Even when you put your clothes back on.  Your husband, wife, or significant other may be taken back at first…..but you know, they are going to envy you.  Perhaps they’ll have the courage to have a cup of coffee with you sans clothing!!  We’re talking about something and someone special now. More freedom than you’ve ever known.  No, I’m not talking about me. But I am dreaming!  Nothing wrong with that.

Here’s something else to note.  Suppose you don’t like what you see (I’m referring to your view of your body) then take baby steps to make the change you desire.  We’re not models to hang clothes on…..we’re us!  We should appreciate who we are and what we look like in the moment.  The sensuality of who we are.

You Should Enjoy Being Naked

Personally…..if someone were to look through my patio door and see me naked, I’d probably just say hi!

I don’t have a perfect body…..although I do have the most adorable toes you’ll ever see!  I do!  I’d like to make some changes…..and I’m working on that.  But it’s not gonna stop me from being naked!!  That’s too much to give up!

No, you can’t have any pictures……..   tsk, tsk.  No pouting!

This isn’t hard (no pun intended, hehehehe) and it’s free!  Will it feel a bit odd at first, maybe, but don’t let that stop you.  With each subsequent naked opportunity you will be more comfortable.

I live at the beach….the Caribbean is moments away from me.  There are women there that like to experience the freedom of being topless.  I enjoy them experiencing their freedom.  But you know what……I don’t stare.  No, we should all feel natural and free.  It’s totally unfair to be gawking!

One day this young woman in a black 2 piece strapless top was walking by with her child in her arms…..the little fellow just pulled down her top and started toking on the left breast…..  He was looking at me with that look that said, “it’s mine, all mine……”  Envious.

You really should give yourself the chance, you deserve it!

You Should Enjoy Being Naked

When you wake up in the morning……you’re starting your day with a wonderful cup of coffee, right there, that’s the call of the wild to be naked!

Oh……you say you can’t because you have kids.  Don’t use that as an excuse. Just have you a robe nearby to cover.  It’ll work!  You’ll be surprised at how you feel!!!

Don’t let anything (or anyone) discourage you!!  There’s always a way around any reason not to!

Relationship or not……this is about YOU!

Treat yourself!!!  Go ahead!!

I do….

Peace, love, and beaches,

Naked John

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