Held Captive by Good Looks, Personality, and Sweet Words

Held Captive by Good Looks, Personality, and Sweet Words

Captive.  We are held captive by their good looks, personality, and sweet words.

It’s true.

I’m referring to actors and the news anchors with their posse of cohorts.

I know, shame on me for bringing this up…..after all, they are your favorites and you believe their every word no matter what’s at issue.

Think for a moment on the following…..(by the way, I’m not referring to the pundits)

How many non-attractive lead news people do you see on the news shows (putting aside your personal opinions, some people are attractive but their looks aren’t for us)?

How many lack personality?  This is hard to nail down as our choices of personalities vary and involve so many things that paint that canvas.  Know, this……if they didn’t have an attractive personality, they wouldn’t be anchoring the news.

They have a way with words.  What we don’t see and misunderstand is that they’ve got a script.  Their news presentation has been rehearsed.  Very little room is left for error.  They are not gonna be ad-libbing at all if it can be avoided.

Much the same is true of actors.

That actor, living out a character on stage or screen becomes that individual.  It’s not ad-libbed either!!  It’s scripted!!

Take a look at all the leading men and women actors.  Not too many blemishes involved.

We are a society captivated by beauty, charm, and sweet words.  Is that a bad thing?  My surprising answer to that is, “no, it’s not a bad thing”.  I like being entertained.  I like looking at attractive people.  And, yes, I like the sound of sweet things to my ears (for me that’s mostly music thought).

Held Captive by Good Looks, Personality, and Sweet Words

All of this is mostly about one thing……and that one thing really is under the radar.  That’s money.


If it weren’t for money, these people wouldn’t be doing what they do……but it’s beyond that!!  Whatever network….this includes the hallowed news programs and public service programs of funded public radio.  It’s still MONEY!!  If a network can’t attract enough eyes with a certain lead anchor and supporting casts, changes eventually are made.  Because the higher the viewership, the more that 30 second and 60 second commercial nets.

We’re talking BIG MONEY!!!

Just to sort of boggle your mind…..Superbowl 50 set the price of a 30 second commercial at $5 million!!

No…..there’s no news show that is gonna command that sort of dollars.  But, it’s more than you or I make a year, probably 2 of us combined!!  I’m not referring to local news cast those would quite a bit lower in cost.

When a movie is being considered……names are being put out there that command a price tag in excess of $10 million!  Guaranteed money!!!  Even if it flops!

It’s a wager, that the personality alone will get you reaching in your pocket.

Advertising is a very powerful tool and it’s repetition will entice you.  Note, repetition!  That holds true in political advertising too.

You’re gonna believe the part that actor is playing…..it’s his job to make you believe.  He’s practiced his script, he knows the part. Now just add the personality.

Held Captive by Good Looks, Personality, and Sweet Words

That news anchor and the supporting staff is going to get you to believe.  The days of news shows from the fifties and sixties are long gone, they stuck to the core of the issue, gave the facts, and got out the way.  Today is more about entertaining an audience with sensationalism.  It’s who we are.  We’ve evolved to this point.

If you aren’t familiar with the disgraced Brian Williams now with MSNBC do a little research on this guy.  He’s the one that got caught.  Got caught doing what?  Go and read…..it’s good for you.  Keep in mind he had the trust of millions before he got caught.  Which, I think is the biggest difference between he and his peers.

No matter what……the audience has to be entertained.  It’s ratings and the ratings equal the advertising.  Without the advertising everyone would be outdoors counting the headlights of cars passing by….or making silhouette puppets on the walls.

Disgruntled?  I don’t think I am, I just can separate the entertainment aspect.  And I know the character in the movie played by my favorite actor isn’t them.  Understand that news now has to be sensationalized and who’s first to report something is more important than getting it right.  Common sense…   And, yes, I like to be entertained just as much as the next person.

Personally, I don’t think this will get better…..I think things will get worse.


The truth is more subjective and plied to an opinion than honored.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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