Times Change, But A Good Song Is Always Good

Times Change, But A Good Song Is Always Good

There’s always been something special about music to me…..and give me a track that’ll hook me with a good melody and come alive in me.  That’s what I like.

Some change the way I listened to music, thought of music and lived my music.

Here’s a few songs that had something different that hasn’t let me go 40 plus years now…..


Itchycoo Park, The Small Faces


“Itchycoo Park” is the nickname of Little Ilford Park in London. An “Itchycoo” is slang for a flower found in the park called a “Stinging Nettle,” which can burn the skin if touched.

This song features one of the first uses of phase-shifting production, which you can hear when the vocals and drums become distorted in the song. The technique was called comb filtering, which could later be created using a processor, but at the time required three tape machines – two of them playing the same thing at different frequencies and the third one recording it. It generates a swoosh sound.  On Itchycoo Park you can hear it done with the drums.  Really sets the song apart from others during its heyday.  Click on the link and hear it yourself. Steve Marriott is magnificent by the way.  You can find a clip with him singing live, look for the one that titles ‘Baton Rouge’.  Enjoy!

Just the name was catchy.  The Small Faces were extremely popular in England….not so in the U.S. but this was their biggest hit in the U.S.  Despite being banned by many stations because of the lyric ” we’ll get high-igh”.


Times Change, But A Good Song Is Always Good

Thunderclap Newman.

What a NAME!  Thunderclap Newman!!  Sort of sets itself apart from other mainstream rock n roll groups.  Surely “Something (Was) In The Air”

“Something in the Air” reached No. 1 in the U.K. when it was used in the film “The Magic Christian“, the same film that helped launch Badfinger to stardom.

“Something In The Air”  Thunderclap Newman

Thunderclap Newman was a British one-hit wonder band that Pete Townshend of the Who (using the alias “Bijou Drains”) played bass guitar on their album and singles, and Kit Lambert formed around New Year 1969 in a bid to showcase the talents of John “Speedy” Keen, Andy “Thunderclap” Newman and Jimmy McCulloch.  They didn’t disappoint.

A different sound, a different structure…….different results.

I could listen to this song…endlessly.  Put it on a loop and let it ride.  While for some people they would get bored and burn out on a song, not me.  I listen to the song not as a whole, but I dissect it……listening intently to the various instruments, the parts they play, how they fit and I also pay attention to the arrangements and production.  Not just of this song, but most songs.  I never tire of doing this. Remarkable.

So whatever happened to Thunderclap Newman?  He passed away March 30, 2016.  The year that took so many famous and endearing musicians.

Times Change, But A Good Song Is Always Good

Guitar songs.  I always loved guitar songs.  That riff that makes it what it is.  Like “Ticket To Ride”.

Here’s something by the Pre-Fab four that has that guitar riff……The Monkees

I couldn’t resist……not a complicated song from a not so complicated group.  Growing in music from not playing to performing all their hits on their own.  Made for TV…..but it’s a guitar song that I like.  Board the “Last Train To Clarksville”


How about this one!!

“You Know My Name, Look Up The Number”.  A little known song by the FAB FOUR.  Yep, The Beatles.  I’m not sure if many people has heard this gem.  It’s very difficult to find, it’s the B-side of the single “Let It Be”.  And it’s even harder to find a copy on Youtube!!  It’s a rather rowdy rousing song….easy to pick up the lyrics.

I can only find a ‘cover’ version of this rather lengthy song……try finding the Anthology version, it’s really long and entertaining.

8 words to the whole song….enjoy Apple Jam



One more.  Macca in the 70’s with his Mullet hair cut!  Yeah, sadly……but hey he was in a ‘Mess’.  Here’s the little known of and less heard of rocker, “The Mess”.  I believe you can find the studio cut on “Red Rose Speedway”


This was fun……I’m always looking for FUN!

Peace, love, and beaches,



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