Why? Because It’s A Tradition….

Why? Because It’s A Tradition….

Tradition.  At some point in conversations it gets to the point that I apologize when traditions are the conversation.  I just happens that way.  Maybe it’s because I’m simply stubborn.  It’s not directly due to the way I was raised……’it’s not you, it’s me’ type of thing.  But isn’t that what we say when ‘it’s really you’?

Traditional I’m not.  This makes me an easy target for arguments that I’m really not looking for.  They seem to find me.

I can tell you that I don’t see the value or participate in tradition and it’s almost natural how people home right in on me like a hi-tech guided missile.  For some reason, I get reactions from people that range from anger to ‘unbelievable’.

I often think, what does it matter to them????  Why are these traditionalist so off with me because I’m not a very good traditionalist if one at all.  Am I some threat to them?  Is the tradition so weak and feeble that I’m some sort to ‘danger??

So, you’ve got me here……right here, just like this; “So John, I guess you don’t participate in Christmas?”  To which I answer, “Yes, I do.”  Aha!!!  You got me!!  I buy the gifts…..5 kids and 13 grandkids, yep I buy the gifts.  And if I’m lucky, the place I buy them will gift wrap them for me.  I’m not doing…..oh wait, I do get a tree too!!  Decorate it!!  Drink booze!!!  Does that make me a traditionalist??  I really don’t care for the shopping…..well, until I’m down here in Mexico!  During this past Christmas, not one person, not one wished me a Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad!  I did miss that.

The limit of my participation is for others.  Why?  I love them.

Why? Because It’s A Tradition….

Traditions, just aren’t my cup of tea.  I don’t find meaning, substance, or purpose.  Am I cold hearted……no.  Not at all, you’ll just get angry for not being a traditionalist.

My life doesn’t revolve around those traditions.

There’s many, many traditions.  Some we aren’t aware of that.

Whatever happened to putting a ‘sixpence’ in the brides shoe?  That’s a tradition.

How about this one?  …..Humble Pie; this hearty dish became a Christmas staple during the 1600s. A deer’s “humbles”—i.e., its heart, liver, brains, and similarly neglected organs—were the entrée’s namesake ingredients.

WAIT!!!!!   Don’t go away!!!

For Catholic’s….the Latin Mass.  No matter what your Christian denomination, it is assumed that you do so in your own language.  Makes sense, but it hasn’t always been that way.  I was reared Catholic and I recall the Latin Mass.   Between 1570 and 1962, nearly 400 years, most Catholics around the world celebrated mass in Latin.  It is a lovely experience I might say……  If you are a traditionalist, no matter your religion (or not) if the opportunity arises……go.

I think that if the reason why we do something is because of ‘tradition’, it’s a wrong reason.

My Christmas thing isn’t based on tradition, but rather on the pleasure of giving.  And yes, I give through out  the year.  It’s a way of life.  And it’s not limited to my family, people I love, or people I know…….

I can recall the burden that tradition presented……the preparation that was mostly dreaded by those my elder when I was growing up.  And I also recall their mentioning the reward and then submitting to the exhaustion of the moment.

Why? Because It’s A Tradition….

What’s so wrong with traditions that I’m not a traditionalist?

While I like things that are pleasant to me……my preference.  I don’t get the value of tradition.  Some can argue, but that’s a waste of time.  And I don’t see why anyone wants to argue?  It’s your tradition.  I really don’t feel I’m a danger to the fallibility of any tradition.

Traditions are traditions…..  No matter where you are.  I think it’s a matter of comfort.  It isn’t necessarily being more civilized……it’s just what’s palatable and acceptable.

Take the Masia tribe for example.  The Masai tribe (an ethnic African group found in Kenya and Tanzania) have an unusual way of greeting friends: they spit on one another.  GROSS!  Yeah, maybe to us, but not to them…..it’s their tradition.  One that they embrace and practice.

Here’s another that will jail any Westerner or European…..   Every year in Solapur (a region in Maharashtra, India) parents get together to throw their babies off the top of a 50 foot tower.  Now….the babies are caught so, calm down.  The babies are caught by other villagers on the ground holding sheet.  It’s believed that the tossing will long and healthy lives.

I know what you’re thinking….’but John, my tradition is much more civilized, no spitting, no throwing babies!’  I’d say that according to the belief of these two traditions, they have more meaning and purpose in theory.  STOP!!!!  Don’t get your knickers all knotted!  I’m not advocating ANY traditions!

Why? Because It’s A Tradition….

Remember Zeus?  King of the Gods?  Yeah…..you say he didn’t exist.  What will the future say of our present?

Devil’s advocate…..I am.

Traditions that we presently honor were born from other periods of worship and other holidays, festivals and celebrations.  We could say that they are in there present form palatable and civilized.

Do these traditions have an impact on people?  Yes!   Do these traditions have an impact on me?  Yes.  As recently as Christmas.  Here in Mexico.  Soon to come Easter.  I would say that it seems to be predominantly ‘Christian’ celebrations.  But, that’s a small world…..as Christmas and Easter aren’t celebrated in various countries….I’ve yet to visit.


I……if I could have one thing come from this, is that people would question and explore the traditions that they hold so dear.  Ask why?  Did this tradition evolve for a reason?  Where did it originate?

Yeah, I’m running against the majority.  I find nothing wrong with any tradition that doesn’t affect my personal pursuit of happiness.

Some may say that I have a beach tradition.  A beach bar tradition.

To you …….I say, “Okay.”

Peace, love, and beaches,


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