My Life Is So Fluid………

My Life Is So Fluid………

My life is so fluid……

So what does that really mean?  I’m all wet??

What I mean is that the motion and intent is in constant flux.

I don’t like a plan.  I just like to do.  And you’re thinking, ‘so what’s wrong with that’?

Nothings wrong with such a life when looking on it from the outside.  But living it is a challenge.  This I never considered.

I’m thinking of all the places that avail themselves to me……I can just up and go!  I can!  But….yet I can’t.  I have to consider timing and cost.  Timing is an airline thing……cost, well that’s a cost thing. After all I do have to consider my resources.  And I’ve allotted myself so much to live on per month (it’s called a budget) and then I have my travel expense..(that’s not a budget item).

So where lies the……not necessarily problem, but where lies the complexity?

My life is so fluid.  That’s it.  It isn’t structured as before.  I can do at will the things YOU wish you could do.  But……I don’t like to plan.   Don’t get me wrong, I have fun planning a trip, I have fun making the trip.  It’s being held down to a date and time that fucks with me!!  Yeah, you may think you’d like that problem…..but hey……I’m a short walk to the Caribbean.  What’s your short walk?  Cruel maybe…..but finding a reason to leave here is TOUGH!!!  I’m comfortable beyond measure.  My expenses are far lower than just my house note in Florida…..  I’ve got it good.

My Life Is So Fluid………

I don’t like going to the store….it takes me away from the simplicity of the way I live.  But, I need to restock on beer, tequila and rum…..oh and food too.

I don’t like doing much that takes me away from… condo, the beach, or a beach bar especially La Buena Vida.

I never realized that life could be so relaxing.

Am I bragging…….honestly NO!

You may say, “You wanna trade, John?”  To which I reply, “Hell No!!!  I’m enjoying this fluid life!”

I think, that complaints abound no matter how our lives are lived.  My complaints just happen to be of which pleasure should I endeavor today.

Damn…..that sounds so nasty!!  Hey, bear with me, I’m sipping Cuban Rum at 4 am!!!!  Coffee is brewing.

Don’t judge me… life is somewhat different than most!  My sleeping and wake is rather random.  Open your mind when you read of my life…..and remember, with all that it incurs, it’s fun no matter what.  At days end (whenever that is…..I’ve had a good day).

I really want to explore more of this world.  Costa Rica was a blast!!!  Even the stress of driving up 12,000 feet above sea level and gazing into the mouth of a volcano!!!  EXCITING!!!  Going somewhere I’ve never been before, doing something I’ve never done before…….it’s WOW!!  Yet, I just like lounging around here.  You may think I’m full of shit, you may envy, but hell…….you ain’t living this!!!  It’s down right frustrating!!

Today…, I’ll be at the beach.  Not a bad thing.  I won’t be accepting any phone calls, no one calls.  I’ll not be returning any text, no one texts…..I’ll be at the beach.  The Caribbean.  I’ll have beer with me too. My life is fluid in so many ways.

If you want to trade problems, that’s your problem.

Every life path is littered with problems.  I’m sort of liking my problems.

My Life Is So Fluid………

My biggest problems are conflicts of pleasure…..   I think I may have just coined a phrase or perhaps a title of a book or a future CD.  I like that ‘conflicts of pleasure’.  Believe me…..I’m not trying to rub this in anyone’s face……I can easily think of myself as a working bloke again (which will never happen) and envying my present self.  Every life choice isn’t without a dilemma.  I use that word a lot.

I must honestly say that I much rather my set of problems right now, than in the past and I think you would too. Believe me… too would be puzzled with the choices of pleasure.  I like that little phrase too…..’choice of pleasure’, it sounds so sensual.


Are you getting the gist of this….. The flow of a life without structure?  It can be trying…..

This is crazy……   Right now I’m buck naked drinking Cuban Rum.  How’s that for a fluid life (no pun intended)?

I can do so many random things that I couldn’t do before!!!  Right now, considering this is approaching a work day…….can you sit there naked and drink Cuban Rum, or any rum??  I know I couldn’t in my past!

Are you feeling my angst??  Yet??

Probably not…….  Your life is calling.  Fuck mine, you’ve got to pay the bills.  Yes, I’m a motherfucker!!!

I think I may do this irregularly…..drink Cuban Rum naked in the early hours before coffee.  It’s only one shot!  It’s a good shot though……


You!!!  Try something different in your life!!!

What do you have to lose?  You might find you like something different.  Don’t be afraid.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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