Is There A Self-help Book On What I Can and Cannot Say?

Is There A Self-help Book On What I Can and Cannot Say?

I’m really dumbfounded this morning and I know I’m a bit behind on this….like 3 days.  What’s become of the world??  You can’t say anything in a joking, half-hearted manner anymore!!  Nor a simple harmless comment.

I think the British are in a lot of trouble.

Retired pro golfer turned commentator, Peter Alliss….was caught saying, “the shortest skirt in the country”. I watched the clip where the comment is made and ………..’there’s nothing to see here folks, move along’.  It’s barely audible and you have to strain to barely make out the words!!

Goodness gracious!!  We’ve nothing better to do????

I read that he’s a controversial individual…..   And I’ve read his words of controversy.  Poppycock!  His words aren’t really controversial, he’s just not a well liked character and that’s the way people choose to attack him.

I’ve read his belief of women being equal to men…….perhaps he’s taken it a bit to the extreme in the comparison in making his point but I’m pretty much with him.  He takes it to boxing and that he really doesn’t think it’s a very good idea for women to be punching each other in the breast.  I agree.  He doesn’t downplay the areas of intellect, workforce, talent, or professions, he just points out that on certain things…  I agree…..   I also agree with him on holding the door for a woman, holding a chair for her seating……

Am I such a bad person??

Is There A Self-help Book On What I Can and Cannot Say?

Who is to judge what we should or shouldn’t say?

Men talk amongst men. Women talk amongst women.  But that shouldn’t be talked outside of those environments, right?

I don’t know.  I have thoughts that make me smile and even laugh that I don’t speak and it’s not necessarily that they are bad, just the wrong audience.  They may not get it.  So, I look for an opportunity elsewhere perhaps.

Personally, I have a different view of things.  I’m always considering, ‘what’s another way to say something’.  ‘How do I make that same statement creatively different’?   Things along that line.  It’s my creative thought process.  The ‘on/off’ switch is most always ‘on’.  I’m always looking for an idea to write on, or a song title.

Frankly, I enjoy my little world.

Locker room talk goes beyond the locker room.  And, it’s just talk.  It’s ego talk.  Done on different levels by different egos.  That’s all it is…….it’s talk.

I could expound here…..but that really isn’t the purpose here.  I’m more aghast at not being able to say something as harmless as “the shortest skirt in the country”!

Etiquette you say.  Nah.  You don’t like the character that’s saying the same words that someone who you like said.  Don’t use, etiquette…..that’s too weak.  Can you find the situation addressed in an etiquette manual…….I say, put that where the sun doesn’t shine.  (Can I say that??)

Is There A Self-help Book On What I Can and Cannot Say?

Self-righteous. is who the speech police are.

The real cruelty is in the person taking something ‘harmless’ and proposing that it’s intent is otherwise.  Makes them feel empowered.  To you…..fuck-off.

Now, if someone is saying something ‘harmful’ with an intent to incite…….that I would find wrong.  I also think that matter of the person that intent is ‘harm’ is their punishment.

Sometimes thoughts shouldn’t be spoken, I guess.  I guess.

When mom or dad makes a comment to their daughter on the shortness of her skirt (I don’t think it’s realistic to think that scenario happens anymore), are they being out of line?  I’m thinking, no…..  So just a harmless off the cuff comment on ‘the shortest skirt in the country’ shouldn’t be either.

I need my blood pressure meds.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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