Why New England Patriots Won The Super Bowl

Why New England Patriots Won The Super Bowl

(And how does this pertain to you and I)

I found this so obvious after a moment, and simple.  So simple that it’s over looked.  Why did the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl and how does it pertain to you and I.

Think of this.  There’s a time limit.  They are down by 25 points.  No team has ever come from behind more than 10 points in a super bowl.  Never!  25 points meant that New England had to score a minimum of 4 times in roughly 24 minutes….but wait, the other team was gonna have the ball some of that time. There’s about 25 seconds between plays (well that’s the maximum). Of the roughly 24 minutes Atlanta would possess the ball a bit over 6 minutes. Leaving New England on 18 minutes to score 4 times!  This is a bit much to ask!  Overcoming these odds.

With the rough sketch of information I’ve given you above let’s put ourselves on the clock.  We’re limited in time, and we’re faced with a situation that we have to be productive for our well-being or maybe we’re responsible to get something done that will have a positive impact on someone we love.

What do we do?

Here’s from the mind of the winning quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady, “I wasn’t thinking much,” he said. “I was thinking, ‘We’ve just got to score.’ ”

Focus.  Focus on what needs to be done.

There isn’t any time for ‘if we had only…..’ or any waste of time…..that wasn’t put in to the solution.

Why New England Patriots Won The Super Bowl
(And how does this pertain to you and I)

I’m falling in love with photography.  I have a friend Natalia (Hi Natalia) that continually displays the most artful photography I’ve ever been exposed to…… She has an ‘eye’ for the art of photography.  Everyday, is a new experience through her eye and the eye of a particular photographer she is showing.  I’m seeing through those eyes and discovering another world…..dynamic, sensual, surprising, enlightening, expressive, and compelling.

I want to learn that…..It’s something I want to experience and share that.  I want my photographs to catch you and pull you in.  I’m focused.

As a matter of fact a world wide resort chain asked for permission to reproduce one of my photographs!!!  I said yes.  But I know that I could have done a better job too.  I’ll focus my focusing in a more focused way.

But, I have the luxury of not being limited in or by…….time.  It’s when I’m giving my time to photography, being focused.  I also believe most of what we experience shouldn’t be dealt with in having limited time or resources.

The energy of what we do needs to be focused on the ‘now’, the ‘solution’ at hand, ‘the current meaningful activity’.

I find that most keep looking at the situation, predicament, giving attention to what’s making the loudest noise rather than what I call ‘current meaningful activity’.

I’ve been thru this before.  I have!  Being more concerned with my circumstances than rather than meaningful activity is to feed the circumstances.  Worry about an exam and whether we will pass or not is a waste…..the current meaningful activity is the focus of studying.

Why New England Patriots Won The Super Bowl
(And how does this pertain to you and I)

I tend to think in doing rather than looking back, asking ‘oh why me?’, and that sort of thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s a time to reflect and analyze why an event took place and its components.  Just not when the doing needs to be done.  Most of the time things are obvious, do those and the one’s that are not so obvious I figure I’ll become intimate with along the way.

Thinking that I need to know all the ins and outs, all the answers before embarking is lazy, non-productive and based in fear.  Get to doing the things that need to be done.

Compile as much resources and knowledge at starting, the other questions and answers will be dealt with as they come. (I just removed a personal obstacle!)

I did something different, something I hadn’t done in a long time that Sunday night for the Super Bowl.  Actually I did 2 somethings different.  Beyond belief I stayed awake and watched the whole game!!  (My interest has waned over the years. I have an early bed time.) The other thing so astounding that I did was to go to a bar (in Mexico) and watched the whole game there!!!!  Free munchies, cold beer, lots of people…..it was different for me.

I need more different stuff in my life…….

You and I can learn something from most anything if we pay attention.  I paid attention to Tom Brady and his band of Patriots.

Thanks guys!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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