Living Thru Holidays in Mexico

Living Thru Holidays in Mexico

Holidays in Mexico.

Understand this may not be true in all of Mexico.  I’m sure that near the border of the U.S. it would be different or where there’s an above average population of expats.  Plus, here there’s a lot of Mayan cultural influence.

It’s not the same as in the States.

Thus far I’ve spent, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and now Easter.  None of them make me want to spend the holiday here again.

I’m surprised!

I really didn’t know what to expect.  Canada’s Thanksgiving is a tad before ours and there’s A LOT of Canadians here.  I, being the concerning bloke I am greeted all my Canadian acquaintances with ‘Happy Thanksgiving’.  They all seemed appreciative.  Cool.  I’m doing good.

When the U.S. Thanksgiving got here I didn’t get the same cordial holiday wish save from one Canadian who I call friend.

Nothing from the locals here.  I guess that’s to be expected except that the restaurants serve a Thanksgiving dinner.  ????  A tad puzzled but let’s move on.  I’m not a big holiday guy anyway, I think.

Oh, I forgot Halloween!!!   That’s a BIGGIE here.  Dia de Muertos! (Day of the Dead). This is a multi-day event.  All Hallows Eve, the children make a children’s altar to invite the angelitos (spirits of dead children) to come back for a visit. On the next day it’s the adults turn. The 3 day fiesta is filled with the flowers of the dead; muertos (the bread of the dead); sugar skulls; cardboard skeletons, fake bone skeletons; tissue paper decorations; fruit and nuts; incense, and other traditional foods and decorations.  There are parties to end all parties!!  Only one other holiday brings this many people together.  I’ll get to that one later.

Living Thru Holidays in Mexico

After Thanksgiving is of course Christmas.  With such a large Catholic contingent here one would think this to be a BIGGIE.  If it is, it’s not like in the States.  I don’t recall hearing 1 Christmas song!  Not that that’s a biggie.  Not a single person wished me “Merry Christmas”!  None, nada, zilch!

But get this…….there’s Christmas decorations in some stores before Halloween!!!

There’s not trees for sale on the vacant corner lots or at churches.  The only place I recall seeing Christmas trees (cut ones) was at Walmart!  I don’t recall seeing any in Home Depot.

Christmas is celebrated during a season that begins in early December to January 6, with one other related event on February 2.  I was quite confused, honestly. I’m sure that it’s different closer to the States, and here on the Riviera we enjoy so much of the Mayan cultural influence which I’m sure has a major influence.  Perhaps their celebration is more family oriented. I just know that I wouldn’t have known it was Christmas if I wasn’t aware of the day.

Feliz Navidad!

Rushing up next is New Year’s Eve!  Always a BIGGIE in St. Petersburg, Florida and I know it to be the same in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky……and I’ve heard New York too (tongue in cheek).  But here the celebrations are small.  And it seems mostly to be Holiday vacationers.  Now there are firework displays that are remote starting before Christmas and lasting thru January.  I know, they have disturbed my sleep on occasions.

Living Thru Holidays in Mexico

How about Valentine’s Day?  Much the same as the others……low keyed.  At the checkout in the store there may be a small set up of impulse candies.  But that’s it!!  No one hit on me!!!  No one “Happy Valentine’s Day” greeting!!!

Mardi Gras seems to be a bit special.  “Carnival” as it is noted.  The larger communities seem to go all out with parties and parades.  While the smaller pueblos as such as I live in……it’s quiet.

It’s a very festive time.  You can tell when it’s happening long before the event.  Posters are up, murals are painted foretelling the event.  Then parade day is spectacular.  And as should be, the cost of getting there and staying there is pricier than other times.  But, worth the time of the event.


Now we are up to the most current holiday.  Semana Santa (Holy Week in English) is the week leading up to Easter. And Easter.  The places even here are swamped with locals celebrating, big city types showing up and foreigners.  It’s a MAD HOUSE!  And not necessarily in a very pleasant way.

To make things worse for me… blood pressure was at a really high mark.  Couple that with kids driving around in golf carts on the streets not paying attention, foreign drivers, crowds at the grocery stores…..I actually decided not to drive!!  I almost hit a golf cart full of kids one evening as they just darted upside to me and cut right in front of my car while I was driving!!!

It’s not worth it.

I’ll walk to the beach with my backpack full of beer and my beach chair in tow.

That, even that wasn’t such a good idea!!!  I went the day before Easter.  Not one of my shinning moments.  I find a little spot, no shade and yeah…’s ‘EXTREMELY’ crowded.  But, I’ve room around me!

Living Thru Holidays in Mexico

That doesn’t last.  A family of about 10 decide to pitch camp next to us.  With this ‘huge’ umbrella (no it’s not gonna cast shade in my direction….that would have been them getting on the other side of me) which they are struggling to get in the sand and stabilize.  One problem is they are digging the hole too wide!!!  But, hey…..that’s none of my business.

They finally get the umbrellas somewhat secured and wrapped a rope (small rope) around the pole and secured it to a rock behind me.  I’m thinking……this ain’t gonna work.

Sure to my expectation, it doesn’t work.  The umbrella was lifted by a strong Caribbean gust and landed right on the other side of my head.

I’m having another beer and getting in the water…….I’m leaving.

It’s all a learning experience.  It looks like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s will be in the states…..then the next 5 months in Europe and Africa (it’s their off-season and will be cheaper) then back to the Caribbean and Mexico to renew my residency in September/October.  Maybe Great Britain afterwards for a brief invasion.

I’m figuring this out……

For not having anything to say today….I’ve said a lot.

This article is accurate to the level of my experiences.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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