The Exciting World of Foot and Toe Modeling!

The Exciting World of Foot and Toe Modeling

Some of you know of this… secret ambition, Toe modeling.  I’ve the cutest, sexiest, and best looking toes on this side of 6 feet of earth!  It seems that the foot has to be included in this and frankly, my feet overall always get a second look.  Toe modeling!!

Healthy feet are important.  And I’ve been blessed with healthy feet and toes in my life.  Only recently did I have a toe injury which is just a minor set back.  A blood blister formed on at the cuticle of the second toe on  my right foot.  For some reason the toe nail received some minor damage.  It’s about halfway grown out now so I’m putting in some serious research time. As I would say, “Getting my ducks lined up.”

I need to find other professionals in this elite realm, to do some networking.

At the outset of my research I haven’t found much in the line of men involved in toe modeling (foot included).  That I’ve found exciting and encouraging!  Not much competition!

I’ve found a niche’!

The Exciting World of Foot and Toe Modeling

I feel very fortunate!

Considering I have been blessed with these toes, it would be a sin not to put them to good use and maybe even encourage others to achieve their life dream.  Okay, maybe it’s not a life dream but it is putting my talents to work for my betterment and good things for my family.  Well, some of my family.

First things first.  As they should be.  The healing, it’s a slow process I’ll have to get me some Biotin to speed up the growth…..seriously speeds up the growth and health of nails and hair!  During this time I’ll do some more general research on agencies and opportunities.  I’m sure opportunities will be afoot.

I’m gonna walk myself thru this step by step with patience.

I need to see if I have some photos before the accident, I should……

You know……I’m just all excited!!  If it weren’t for this injured toe (and really it looks better than most people toes without an injury) I’d be starting a new webpage that allows people near and far to enjoy looking at my toes as much as I do. Maybe even start a John’s Toes Fanclub!!  Sounds cool.

I just realized something…..webpage.  The web between the toes!!!  I feel the magic!

I know you maybe thinking that I’m a bit over the top with my toes and I’m big toed (as in Big Headed), well I’m not. I’m mostly very shy and keep my toes to myself.

I’ve seen other peoples toes…  You haven’t enjoyed looking at toes until you’ve had the pleasure of looking at mine.  PLUS!!!  It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience to see them up close.  But, I don’t let people touch.  I won’t get into that right now.

The Exciting World of Foot and Toe Modeling

I’ve yet to get into the hazards of toe (and foot) modeling.  I’m sure there’s some serious pitfalls.  I’m also sure there’s some really bad experiences.

I can image the harassment that we toe models have to endure for success……sex, toe fetishes and other things.  Takes my breath away, just the thought! I’m willing to work thru this and hopefully be a pioneer and leader in making a safer modeling workplace for all those toe models that follow in my footsteps.

I feel humbled right now…..I really do.

Naked feet!  Awesome!  Do you realize you can have naked feet anywhere!!  Cops ain’t gonna bother you…  But, you folks out there with fungus toenails…. just ugly looking feet and shit, please cover up and with more than sandals. You people give toes a bad name.

Okay back to me and my toe modeling…..

I do feel impatient as there’s no ETA on the healing.  But as I said I’ll be consuming multiple units of Biotin to speed up their the growth and strengthen. Today I’ll do a bit more research and give them (particularly the damaged toenail) some much needed attention.

The Exciting World of Foot and Toe Modeling!

I think as I look back over the past roughly 20 years it’s the freedom that I’ve allotted my feet that have kept them health…..  I don’t cram them in some shoe for 18 hours.  No, I spend a lot of time barefooted or in sandals.  They get to breathe and enjoy the great outdoors and all they nature has.  They also spend a lot of time taking saltwater baths……the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.  And the sand does a great job of exfoliating.  Then an ocassional dip in the swimming pool.  After walks the shoes come OFF!!!  Almost immediately.  They love their freedom!

Posing and practicing those poses will be a labor of love.  Coy poses along with that ‘come-hither’ look, they’ll strike poses of ambition, determination, manliness, surprised, desirable, happy, sad, and of course Euphoric.

I do think that if I don’t place any boundaries on what can be accomplished I’ll become the Michael Jordan of foot and toe modeling.

In advance……thank you for your support as I walk this new path.  I’m feeling brave as I explore this new ambition in the waning stage of life.  Thanks for being here.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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