There’s Something I Realized, I’ve A Nomadic Spirit

There’s Something I Realized, I’ve A Nomadic Spirit

I since the calling of the nomad within me.  That nomadic spirit!

I’ve come to find that there’s nothing wrong with being a nomad!  Listen up!

I’ve always had this restlessness in my life.  I want to go, I want to do.  And if I’m not going and I’m not doing I feel anxious, uneasy, fidgety, reclusive, and all around unhappy.

I always looked at it as me just being unhappy and dissatisfied with life in general.  Not in a suicidal way…….just knowing that there’s more for me and I’m not reaching my potential as an individual.

My ‘focus’ has never been something to brag about.  My interests seem to vary as much as the pages of a calendar whisking thru the wind.  They change from day to day.

That’s always bothered me.

But how about if I weren’t supposed to have a place to call home?  What if the way I was made inside that having a home to work and fix up isn’t for me?  I’m thinking that I could do without a place to call home.  Just call the place I’m living at the moment…..’home’.

I was intrigued with the idea of traveling.  After reading “4-Hour Work Week”, I realized that in some way….my way, that I could make this possible!

Mexico.  I’ll move to Mexico.  Find a place near the Caribbean, eat the local foods, chat with the local folks, and embark to other destinations from there.

There’s Something I Realized, I’ve A Nomadic Spirit

The only thing I didn’t anticipate was falling into the trap of having a place I’d call home for an extended period of time.  I’ve realized that, that doesn’t feel right.

Once again faced with the dislikable taste of ‘whatever’ I was interpreting it to be at the time……..I started becoming anxious, uneasy, fidgety, reclusive and a bit unhappy.  I can’t say all around unhappy!  Hell!  I live in paradise.  I’ve got it GOOD!  I’m walking distance to the Caribbean, bars and supermarket along with various stores.  The poblado (settlement) is bustling with daily life of the locals is walking distance from where I live.  Schools, family businesses on wheels(bicycle), on the front porch, on the sidewalk, or a vacant lot.  This is Mayan Mexico.  Smiling, welcoming faces.  A life I’m unfamiliar with.

Yet, I’ve become a bit disinterested with where I live.  I want more!  More excitement?  Not necessarily.  Variety, surprise, scenery…….yeah.  I realized that staying in one place didn’t fit ME!

I haven’t gotten my fill of this place, yet…..I’m ready to move on.

And I can’t move on.  I’ve a lease for a year that runs thru November.  So I must contend with suppressing my ‘nomadic’ urge.

BUT!!!! There is purpose for me right now…….and I’m in the best way I know of for tending to them as they are also a part of my life.

Here’s what I’m saying……I’ve work to do on my music, writing and recording my CD.  But there’s a few obstacles as the equipment here isn’t some of the necessities that I need.  Working with what I have will make this even more unique!!  WOW!!!  That just happened in realtime!

There’s Something I Realized, I’ve A Nomadic Spirit

I have 2 books in the works that need a bit more attention.  I have 2 websites to work and keep current.  There’s a photo project that’s stirring about within me.  And there’s another project that I’ve had for a number of years now that revolves around my grandson (the one I’m the closest to, Max) that’s a website, a children’s book, and generally a full enterprise!!  It’s boundless.  The kids got the looks, charisma, and intelligence that I just need to organize.  He’s a thousand miles away.  But, the memories, history and pictures are phenomenal!

So, I can understand why my ‘nomadic’ life I pursue is a bit on hold…..and I’m isolated from a lot of busy, busy stuff.  I can understand.  It just doesn’t make the ‘anxious’ feeling go away.

I’ve Europe on my mind!!  I’ve got Caribbean Island hopping on my mind……..Asia, Australia and Egypt too.  South America!!

I am going to Puerto Rica next week and a few surrounding islands……

Not something I just wish to do, things that are there in my realm of doing.

What’s gonna happen is that I’m gonna focus on these projects…..put forth the effort because each one of them is something I ‘want’ to do….  Afterwards, sometime in November, I’ll drive back to the States visit relatives for the holidays, make a trip back home to St. Petersburg, Florida head up to Nashville, Tennessee then back to Louisiana. Catch a flight from New Orleans to Rome, Italy and feed my nomadic fantasies!!!

It’s time I reach my potential.

Toe modeling too…..

Peace, love, and beaches,


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