Women! What’s The Big Deal With Fixing Up The Bed!

Women! What’s The Big Deal With Fixing Up The Bed!

The Bed.

It’s used for sleeping and adult play time.

It’ll be ruffled about every 12 hours.

So what’s the BIG DEAL!!

At an early age, my mom would fuss at me for not making my bed.  As a kid I thought that’s uselessness of perfectly good useless time!  Why?  Why does the bed have to have the sheets straightened and tucked, the pillows fluffed and positioned then all of this neat work covered by a bed spread of colorful nature (perhaps), smoothed out  (my mom liked the spread tucked under the pillows and laid over the top) and then admired for a brief moment before starting the day?

Then I’m put on notice to stay off the friggin’ bed!!  Sometimes with the caution of, “are I’ll tell your day!” (Telling dad…..that means; finding my own switch for a switchin’.)

What is this?  Are people going to pay at the front door to see this master piece?  It’s a bed!!!!  The bed is to sleep on!!!

I don’t want to stay off the bed!  There’s no place to sit!  It’s my bedroom and I don’t want to go outside.  Do I just stand there?

What’s the BIG DEAL!!!

Everyone likes to sprawl out on the bed and enjoy that moment of nothingness!  Where we either let the world’s problems slide away or embrace them to tears.

Even on weekends this ritual takes place.

Don’t fix the bed up!  Just close the door!!  Change the sheets?

The time and effort to fix up the bed so nice and neat just seems like a good waste than can be better wasted.

Women! What’s The Big Deal With Fixing Up The Bed!

How many times have I heard the scary name my mom would call me???  John Louis Gaudet!!  Wait till you dad gets home!!

Or, Johnny GET OFF THE BED!!!

How many children get unnecessarily punished over …….beds.  You may have been a victim of this hideous female obsession.

Life is precarious around women and beds.

I feel for women when it comes to beds….. I really do!  They seem to be affixed with it!  It can’t be touched for 12 hours or so!  It’s to look lovely, perfect and inviting. And preserved!

And don’t mess it up!!  There’s the hollering and then, then they have to fix it all over again.

And, what happened to the days of having the bed ‘turned down’.  Fix up, make up,……turned down.  NUTS!

I’m thinking there’s some regional and international terms for some of this bed shit.

OH!!!  What about lovers????

Does she think that having a perfectly set bed heats up the desire???  It’s about to get ruffled luv!!!  With you in it!

Is this something that is in a woman’s genes?

And is this something that is a tradition that is handed down?

Is this some useless fetish?  Bondage?

I for one think……it’s a total waste of time and much too little to fret, anger or argue over. Turn the sheet sort of today.

Women! What’s The Big Deal With Fixing Up The Bed!


Treat yourselves to living life on the ‘wild side’!!  Don’t fix up the bed!!  Close the door if you’re that bothered with haven’t done this chore.  Go plop down on the bed at anytime you like (for a real treat, be naked!…..I know of this personally!).  Allow yourself just to let go!  Turn loose!!  Simply appreciate and enjoy the bed in all its unkeptness and organsmic glory!! (Yes, I really said that…)  You’ll really love yourself for this!

You don’t live in a magazine!

Beds should be inviting.

And surely you’re not having a house to ‘impress’ folks now are you?  That’s such a pity to hold another’s opinion higher than the pleasures of your personal life.

Do this…..don’t fix up your bed.  Just let it sit ruffled and such.  Stand back, move over to the doorway and just take in the moment.  It’s there for your pleasure throughout the day.  No worries. Just a smile place to enjoy.

Now it’s inviting!

Don’t make so many unnecessary rules for yourself.  There’s too much time to enjoy, don’t waste it!

Peace, love, and beaches,



  1. Guess what…the bed needs to be aired out for 2 hours after you get out of bed..so the moisture can disapate . .Google this..
    Here in Quintana Roo , I have only seen sofa as beds..lie down in the living room to watch Tv, etc.. better posture..etc.Liverpool sells the best sofa that open up..
    I agree that the bed should be available all day long for siestas, a quiet reading place..

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