What Does The President’s Tax Return Mean To Me

What Does The President’s Tax Return Mean To Me

It may sound like a question, but it really isn’t.

I never, never have been interested in any president’s tax return.  NEVER!

And I don’t intend to now.


My answer to why I’m not interested is that it has nothing to do with me.  I can’t do one thing about what he or even you has regarding that years income and expenses.  There’s only one person I have interest and control of and that’s me.

I think it’s silly and childish to make any type of deal about anyone’s tax returns.  I can’t change one dot or tittle.  Wait….I’ll get to you that say, “Yeah, but he’s hiding something.”

You want to see his or maybe an ex’s tax return.  It’s simple.  Take the persons social security number and apply for a copy of the tax return.  You say you don’t have the president’s social security number??  I think that some news correspondent got the first two pages of his tax return from some years back and posted it.  It made headline news.  You’re interested.  Put some action in your interest.

There’s a big price you have to pay to do this…..but, ‘HEY’ you’re brave!  Aren’t you?  You’re out there ‘crying’ for the release of a tax return!  Put some action to it!

What Does The President’s Tax Return Mean To Me

You say, “But John, if he doesn’t release his tax returns he must be hiding something!!!”

I’m not releasing mine.  What do you suspect I’m hiding?  And from who?

The fallacy of the president must be hiding something if he doesn’t release his income tax return is absurd!! He can’t hide anything from the IRS!!  Dimwits!!  What he’s hiding from you or me?  That he makes more money than we do, that he pays more taxes than we earn.

I don’t care what Donald Trump earns, I didn’t care what Barack Obama earned, the two George Bush’s, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Abe Lincoln, or James Madison.

Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine, Republican Presidential Candidates, Cruz, Kasich, Fiorna didn’t, Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders didn’t…….these folks didn’t reveal their income tax returns of 2015.

Where’s the outrage…..the releases were done during the campaign before anyone was elected.

Vice President Pence released his personal income taxes.

What Does The President’s Tax Return Mean To Me

1968.  1968 was the first year a presidential candidate, George Romney (Mitt’s dad) released their tax returns publicly.  It seems his stance on fiscal responsibility without raising taxes was the powering of this exploit.  And he was compulsively ‘open’ even before his failed run for president of the United States.

More:  T. George Harris a journalist seemed to was a thorn in the side of George Romney…..didn’t care for his ‘style’ and probably that George was Mormon.  Mr. Harris would constantly badger Mr. Romney.  Here’s where the moment came…..Harris had relentlessly requested that Romney release his 1040 forms….  Romney surprised Harris by calling and saying he would release his IRS 1040 Forms. Which Harris said, “Release of the document, while it might serve a political purpose, would not prove very much, he argued. One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show, and what mattered in personal finance was how a man conducted himself over the long haul.”

His son Mitt Romney would also run for president.  But, unlike his father was much more a private man and eventually and reluctantly it seems released 2 years of tax returns during his run for the presidency.

Thus the start of releasing the income tax return.

The first part of Mr. Harris’ statement says it all…..”Release of the document, while it might serve a political purpose, would not prove very much…..”


I’ve never looked at a presidential candidates return.  It doesn’t affect what I make and that’s what’s always interested me.

Maybe the candidate is cheating on his taxes.  That’s the IRS’s job.  Way above my pay grade.  They know better the laws than I.

What Does The President’s Tax Return Mean To Me

I find this cute, give your eyes the delight of this little tale:

  • IRS commissioner Joseph D. Nunan, Jr. made, and won, a $1,800 bet that Harry Truman would win the presidential election. However, he neglected to report those winnings when filing his taxes. In 1952, his story became public and he was convicted of tax evasion.

They even catch their own!!

More here……  https://www.efile.com/tax-evaders-tax-cheaters-tax-evasion/

Then there’s Rev. Al Sharpton.  Rev. Sharpton admitted that he has been delinquent on taxes to the IRS (this is more than a Facebook click bait story), the amount is debatable but the liens and seizures aren’t.  Rev. Sharpton has an agreement and payment schedule with the IRS.

What Does The President’s Tax Return Mean To Me

But, this isn’t about that.

I’m not interested in Rev. Sharpton’s tax obligation.

This is what we found out (I had to look this up for this article, other than that……I wouldn’t know); he made $150 million in 2005, paid $38 million in taxes for a 25% tax.

Has nothing to do with me.  Should someone audit this tax report they’d probably find where he took some unusual deductions and exemptions.   He wasn’t in any position to make those laws but was able to take advantage of them.  We probably couldn’t take advantage of them as we wouldn’t qualify to use those exemptions since we didn’t make enough money for them to applicable.

Then there are things that can hopefully help the small guy but, when you run the numbers thru….it doesn’t benefit you and you just take what’s handed to you.  I know this from personal experience.  Made me want to cry.

What Does The President’s Tax Return Mean To Me

Hands down.  All the past and present presidents made more money than me and paid more taxes than me. Future ones too.

No matter what.  Knowing what they earn doesn’t make an impact on my personal earnings or profession.

Well, he’s hiding something.  If he is, the IRS has the authority to punish I don’t.  Knowing doesn’t benefit me at all.

What if he did cheat?  He’ll meet the cost of doing so.  I don’t need to even know.

My personal value isn’t based on finding wrong of any individual.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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