Why Do We Have Sleepless Nights?

Why Do We Have Sleepless Nights?

Why do we have sleepless nights?  Short answer……”I don’t know”

Let’s explore a little bit.

I had a bout of partial sleeplessness last night.  Yeah, it involved the bones of a dead Spanish monkey (is there such a thing as a Spanish monkey?) sitting on my toilet……..  More on that one later.

Last night actually involved 2 for me.  Which I’ll get in to in a moment.  One is about the bones of the dead Spanish monkey.

But I’ve given this a little thought.  From the start I’ve not done any research nor do I pretend that any of this babble is scientific.  Merely options as to why.

I’ve heard it said and written in social media that ‘you can’t sleep at night because you’re awake in someone’s dream’.  Sounds a bit romantic, honestly.  Someone is occupied with you……cool.

But, you’ve got to go to work in the morning!  Right?

So, I’ve given this some thought and I think I might have a pulse on the reasons for this annoying insomnia.

My first reason (and I’m not numbering, just thinking this is the most likely reason) is worry.  Worry of having done something that was a bit less than ‘epic’.  Worry of bills, spouse, relationships, automobile problems, a love one that is ill, losing something important like a wallet loaded with debt laden credit cards…..there’s more.  Fill in the blank____________________________________________________________________________.  It could be longer, we both know that….but you get the idea.

Has anyone else had this ‘bones of a dead Spanish monkey on the toilet’ thing going on?


Sometimes insomnia is being love struck.  That’s a real reason.  I think we all experience that one at some time in our lives, mostly in the days of youth I’m thinking.

Why Do We Have Sleepless Nights?

Office relationships come to mind.  I’m not sure why.  I’m not familiar with an affair at work, but I’m familiar with strife with co-workers at work.  And I’m gonna come from the position of blameless on this one.  Why?  Well, I’d always been a ‘to myself’ type of person. More inclined to listen than to talk.  Not too keen on giving a position or expressing an opinion. Perhaps I came off aloof at times and that was a point of contention on someone’s part.  But, I do like to live quiet and peaceful. That’s me.

I know of gossipers that come in to work weary looking after the pseudo smile and greeting has worn off.  I guess they figure that part is an obligation they have but the remaining 7 hours and 59 minutes should be sheer hell!

How about a bad financial decision?  We’ve all made those.  Some were based on ignorance and innocence.  While others just foolishness.

I have one of these that haunts me.  $2500 swimming pool fiasco where I handed over the money instead of holding my ground.  A big regret.  Hoping that something works out on this.  It’s a year old now.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a nightly thing.  No, I’ll have that regret during the day.  And no, it’s not a constant thing.  Just a period intrusion.  Maybe every few months.  I’ve too much other stuff that I enjoy occupying my time.

Hate will not only keep you up, it’ll eat you alive!!  Hate.  And it’s not just a staple item of people’s vocabulary, it’s the wickedness they sleep with.  It should keep them up at night.  They need an exorcism.

Why Do We Have Sleepless Nights?

Maybe we’ve said something that hurt someone’s feelings.  Or maybe we missed an event.  And we want to ‘make it right’.  Staying awake won’t make it right.  Get a beverage along with a pen and paper and write down what you did or didn’t do and how you might be able to make the situation right, like maybe an apology or putting a calendar together for reminders.  Do something constructive at that moment to put this behind.  For me, it’s an apology, and I move on. Quickly I might add.

Here’s one for me.

Honestly and openness time…..Hang on!

Fantasy!!  Yep!  Fantasy!!

A hot steamy fantasy will wake me up right at that oh so important moment every time!  Without fail!  What the hell am I supposed to do then???  So real, so vivid, so gone………  I don’t know how I cooked up that dream, scenario……..but WOW!!!  And just like that, “Poof”, it’s gone and I’m wide awake!  I’ll leave that with you……

This ‘bones of a dead Spanish monkey on the toilet’ is a new one one me.  I’ll be right back to that.

I’ve no job to wake up to so, my occasional insomnia isn’t much of a bother.  I read.  I can sleep in and of course there’s those lovely ‘siestas’ that avail themselves morning and afternoon.

Why Do We Have Sleepless Nights?

But I did have a positive thought that I think is greatly overlooked regarding ‘sleepless nights’.

Creativity.  It’s our minds at work.  It is constantly creating and we, our lifestyle isn’t very accommodating to it.  We box things in and leave experimentation, adventure unattended too often.  The creative aspect of the mind is starved being kept chained up in a small unaccommodating shed.  Our lives.

So our creativity is expressing itself as best it can under suppressed circumstances.  It’s hungry to create and it’s abused.  Instead of exercising it with positive motives we simply throw trash it’s way.  Like tending to a pet that has become an inconvenience.

It’s my theory that our creativity is trying to play.  We should take time daily to feed our creative mind.  I believe it would transform our lives……beyond our expectations.  There’s a lot of magic bottled up there.  Utilizing our creativity is much easier than we think….it’s always available.  Unfortunately most of us use it to feed our fears……

That’s a topic ‘creativity’ for another day.

Why Do We Have Sleepless Nights?

Back to ‘bones of a dead Spanish monkey on my toilet’.

This is a fresh one because it just happened in about the midnight hour.

Sound asleep.  I’m not recollecting any dream, no one is about in my mind (that was in the later fantasy dream that woke my ass up!) and suddenly this thing evolves as follows; ‘I’m lying in bed and I’m hearing a lot of talking down the hallway….usually it’s the neighbors (thin walls) so I get up to see what’s about. Diagonally across is the bathroom and the voices are coming from there.  As I enter the doorway there sits the bones of a dead Spanish monkey on my toilet! 

Just at this moment someone appears next to me in the doorway of the bathroom (amazing how in dreams doorways can get wider to hold 2 people)….with a shotgun and blasts the Spanish monkey to pieces!!  WTF!!!  I’m a bit scared at this moment.  I’ve got the bones of a dead Spanish monkey on the floor around my toilet (none in the toilet mind you!).  The person with the shotgun evaporates.  I rush to the monkey bones and in a panic I’m grabbing the monkey bones and jabbing them into the Spanish monkey’s skull!!!  I’m ‘frantic‘! 

I wake up!

That’s it!  I wake up!

I’ve never heard of a Spanish monkey much less had the ‘bones of a dead Spanish monkey on my toilet’!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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