Today Is Travel-Day…….

Today Is Travel-Day…….

Today is travel-day…..  Not bad except I thought travel day was yesterday.

No BIG deal.

Sort of……

I feel anxious!  Sort of like I missed my plane.  I’m a bit uptight over it even though there’s nothing to be uptight about!  It wasn’t yesterday, it’s today.

I guess this is part of the ‘I don’t know which day of the week’ thing I’ve got going on.

Travel day really isn’t that bad.  Apprehension need not be part of it.  I’ll just have to shake off this anxiety.  I’m not worried about the flight.  Although this will be my first flight on this new and low cost carrier.  Volaris.

I’m thinking in the back of my mind that I’m expecting a bad experience.  I’ve briefly gone over their rules and I think I’m okay…..but you never know.

This is an economic carrier.  I feel that they are gonna try and pinch every penny out of me.  I hate being taken advantage of.  And yes, I’m one of those people who get taken advantage of.  Too often to my liking.

Then there’s the crowds……I hate crowds.  I’ve got to stand in lines waiting brushing up against people I do not know…   I can’t have a beer or tequila to help me cope.  That’s not something I’m looking forward to. GADS!

Today Is Travel-Day…….

I’m not at the airport, I’m not in transit……I’m still sitting at my kitchen table with laptop at hand.

Oh…..I’m staying within the confines of the Caribbean.  I’m heading to Puerto Rico!!!  I’ve got my American coins stashed in my pocket.  I just realized that I may be able to get some stuff that I want from the states there!  That’s cool.  I need some contact wetting solution for ‘rigid gas permeable’ lens.  They don’t have that juice here.  And there’s a whatchamacallit that I want to get for my recording rig.

Poor internet connectivity before and after the flight left me running into the next day!

The Cancun Airport Terminal 3 seemed bigger than 2, got lost looking for the immigration but the Mexican Official and the support staff in the terminal was phenomenal!

In keeping with being a bit off the beaten path……breakfast was Domino’s Pizza!  Followed by some good reading.  I have to remember to download books from my Kindle library to my iPhone with this poor internet connectivity.

The flight on Volaris was absolutely smooth and wonderful!  No one got beaten up or dragged off the plane!  Very pleasant and helpful staff.  I think we actually made good time and arrived a bit early.

The crazy part about the first day is at the bar in the hotel.

Today Is Travel-Day…….

Get this!

Talking back and forth with the barmaid about sights in Puerto Rico and living in Mexico.  This guy strolls up behind me and joins in the conversation.  Saying he’d lived in Mexico for that past 5 years but had recently moved to Cape Coral, Florida.  I said, small world we had just left St. Petersburg, Florida…..about 75 miles north of Cape Coral.  Then he said he was originally from South Louisiana.  I said, ME TOO!!!!  Then came the clincher of all clinchers.  He said, he was from Plaquemine, Louisiana.  WOW!!!  My ‘HOMETOWN’!!!  Talk about a WOW MOMENT!!

Never would have guessed that in a million years.  What’s the odds on that happening!!

I’m living a really, really fun and interesting life!

I’m in Puerto Rico… and stories coming your way!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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