Don’t Fret With Things You Can’t Control

Don’t Fret With Things You Can’t Control

Fret, control, do you have any?  I just had a headline notification come across my iPhone this morning.  BREAKING NEWS: Air Force intercepts Russian bombers, fighter jets off Alaska!

Honestly I was alarmed when I read this as it scrolled atop the phone screen.  I’m thinking ‘what the hell is Putin thinking?’.  I quickly responded to my thought, ‘I don’t know’.  And immediately moved on.

I can’t fret myself over things I don’t and can’t have any control over.  My only control is in the voting booth and that’s 3 1/2 years away.  Even my debating over how the situation arose and how to handle it aren’t worth my time…….this is my time, I don’t get it back.  It’s for my personal pleasure… time that is.  No matter how passionate and how long I go at it about this situation, when I’ve run out of air over this I’ve not changed one thing one iota.

Is it worth my time to have and win a mini-war of words with anyone?  No my self-esteem isn’t that low.

What I do have control of is writing my blog, writing on my books and my music.  I have control over my exercise, my reading positive content, and my diet.  Right now, I don’t have any control over my car…..Nolan’s using it and I haven’t heard from him yet.

I just had a great experience getting away to Puerto Rico and I want to build on that experience.  That’s what I want to do.  I’m only interested in where I can focus my energy and intelligence to accomplish the things that I love and bring me pleasure.

Don’t Fret With Things You Can’t Control

This fly-by stuff has been happening for a while.  Probably longer than any of us know.

The age we live in it’s important that the media incite and entertain rather than report. I’m sure if we tuned in to hear the talking heads discuss the ramifications and extrapolate where this may lead we will have wasted a lot of precious time.  Nothing will have changed except perhaps our opinion.  We don’t even have an opportunity to debate their position!  We’re just soaking it in!!  Maybe getting frustrated!  Anyway it goes what we think and say changes nothing.

You wanna write your congressman?  I did that recently over an issue.  Fired off my two cents.  I didn’t even get a auto-reply.  I could’ve used my 10 minutes working on my better understanding my music software.

Don’t Fret With Things You Can’t Control

No 4-star military general has called to ask for my help.  Probably because of 2 things; 1.) my lack of experience in this area, and 2.) my peace and love stance.  I don’t think the later……giving Putin a hug, a peck on the cheek, flashing him a peace sign, taking a selfie with him while making a peace sign is gonna clear up this matter.  It ain’t!  I’ve no control.  I feel no nervousness nor anxiousness over this incident.  But I do have some reading to do, some marketing, some grocery shopping (once I get my car back from Nolan) and some music to work on.  While in Puerto Rico I was able to buy some guitar strings that are my favorite, I can’t get them here in Mexico.

There’s more to this……wait a moment.  I really love the next ‘debate topic’.  It really shows the ridiculous and absurdity that societies level of entertainment has reached.

I’m not a cheerleader for the media we have today, but that isn’t the point of my writing today.

Don’t Fret With Things You Can’t Control

I believe it was last week, but it could’ve been the week before.  The two opposing campaigns of the November election started going after it again!


Nothing that can be said will change the results of that election.  Nothing can be done that will change the results of that election.

Just to get this out of the way because Hillary herself just changed the reason she lost for about the 5th time.  She says it’s Comey’s fault because he opened, closed, re-opened and closed the investigation into her emails.  HUH??  What about the CONTENT???

I recently pointed out to a social media ‘friend’ that Mrs. Clinton has a long past of controversy.  She unfriended me.


What good does it do to debate an election results that are about 6 months old right now??  It’s out of my control.  Do I fret over what the president may or may not do?  No.

I look at it like this, the president… matter who he or she is, has put people in important positions to make valued decisions.  Wanna debate that one?  Well, save your breath because I won’t engage.  I’ve got a book that I’ve been reading that I want to finish up today.  It’ll help me with some of my writing and that, that I have control over.

I wanna improve on what I do, it’s what I want to do and I have control over that.

This is a ‘No Fret’ zone.

Peace, love, and beaches, (and what I can control),


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