Take Advantage of The Time You’re Alive

Take Advantage of The Time You’re Alive

Take advantage of the time…..

We all come with an expiration date.  We just don’t know the date.  Therein lies the hazard and the hope.

I’m not one to fret about something that is out of my control and my exit out of this world is out of my control.  While I don’t quite understand it, I accept it.  It’s nothing to fear, death is a natural part of life.  Something we don’t understand regardless of what anyone’s religious belief might be.

Why in the hell am I writing about this?  Expiration date?  Exit out of this world?  Death?

I’m reading thru some music news and I see where Kevin Garcia, the bassist and co-founder of the influential Modesto, California alt-rock group Grandaddy, died after suffering a massive stroke Tuesday and he was only 41 years old!!  I’ve 20+ (thankful) years on him!  I’m still here and yet his life was cut short……  That may be the wrong way of looking at it though.   Cut short?  Who’s to say how long is the length of life is life.  I’ll leave that for another deeper discussion.

41 years old and he’s out of here.  Being who he wanted to be, and doing what he loved………more to come.  Sadly no.

It puzzles me.  There’s some who pass at a much younger age, some even before they can get their lives started.

Johnny Zito.  Johnny was a classmate of mine in high school.  A real together guy.  A car wreck took him from us before he graduated, married, became a father, pursued his professional calling, before the adventures of life wound its story around him.  His parents left behind devastated.

Why?  Why couldn’t he have seen his grandchildren? Is that too much to ask of life?

Take Advantage of The Time You’re Alive

There’s so many that leave us that aren’t in the spotlight of life that never get the chance to climb their mountain.

I find it confusing and it hurts.  The potential that is lost, both to them and us.

I don’t accept that stance that some god or higher power chose this of them.  Logically, it doesn’t make any sense.

Kevin Garcia died after suffering a massive stroke.  Johnny Zito an automobile accident not out of his teens. Ryan White contracted HIV/AIDS from a contaminated blood treatment.  None were at fault for their ‘early’ departures.

I’m not in search of any comforting philosophy religious or otherwise.

What I do recognize is that my time…..your’s too……is more important than to waste it on being lazy and not at least chasing our potentials!!

Chasing our potentials!!

It’s not necessarily the achieving of a goal that is the ultimate……the chase is where the experience and the fun is to be found.

At 40 years old John Lennon was gunned down by a wayward fan.  I’d have loved to had heard the music that we missed.  Think of the strength of his leadership towards a world of peace thats void has never seemed to have been filled.  A lot missing from a life that’s missing.

Here’s a voice that is sorely missed in this age.  Taken from us at age 39, Martin Luther King, Jr.  I believe we wouldn’t be experiencing the waywardness of a fractured society today with his focused leadership.  Those who imposed themselves on carrying his mantle are woefully inefficient, lack credibility and earnest purpose.

The time afforded us here isn’t to be wasted and left unfinished.  Yeah, unfinished.

Take Advantage of The Time You’re Alive

Take advantage of the time you’re alive.  You’ve got a dream, a purpose, an intention…….don’t shuffle off the face of this dusty planet without revealing and chasing it.  Don’t!!

Do no harm to another.

There’s elements of our humanity that we can be proud of, those elements should be showcased by living them.  It encourages others to see good and do good.  Don’t let a moment slip away, a breathe, a deed, without living towards our potential.

This life is worth living.  This life is worth living to the fullest of our abilities and nothing less.

It’s not someone else’s responsibility to go boldly into life and conquer their fears, it’s yours and mine too! That person that sits on the sideline of life and laughs at our stumbles on our way is just a poor excuse for a life, pay no attention.  They have their reward.

Life is full of ‘what ifs’……..don’t leave those ‘ifs’ unresolved.

After reading of Kevin’s passing, I’ve called into questions the parts of my life I’ve left undone.  Is it too late to pursue those parts?  As long as I’m still breathing it’s not too late.  Being to late is only an excuse to let those parts remain unfinished.

I don’t want that.

This isn’t just about me.  If you think so, you’ve not analyzed your own life.

Take advantage of the time you’re alive……now.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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