How To Cut The Ties That Bind and Travel

How To Cut The Ties That Bind and Travel

Cut the ties that bind.

Did you ever want to do some traveling but looking at your present situation knew you could not afford to be so ambitious?

The best place to start is to dream.

You don’t have to dream big, just dream.  Where is some place you want to travel to? What’s stopping you?  Finances?  Remove that problem.  I guess I could stop right here, my work is done.

Dream.  Just don’t tell yourself no.  Dream.

Dreams are important.  Dreams can come true.

There’s a hidden power that energizes dreams……don’t overlook that, it works.  Put your dreams to work.  The more you dream and the more you focus the more likely they are to become your reality.

I really want your attention.  I’m writing from experience, my personal experience.

While you’re dreaming, what I want you to do is read.

Yep……read.  Read about the how to’s of travel.  It’s more than saying I’m going to Cabo San Lucas, I’ll book Delta, and stay at the Holiday Inn.  You can do it that way, but… won’t be doing it very often.

All-inclusive sounds great!!  Do you have the budget?  Are you gonna use all the resources?  Are you gonna use their tour service that will for $140 take you to a Cenote that you can taxi to for $5 and $15 for the Cenote experience?

Read.  Read others blogs about their travel experiences.  Just a word of caution……stay away from the naysayers sites, the one’s that have the bad experiences.  They just weren’t up for the adventure.  There’s plenty of sites that offer great advice.  What doesn’t fit, keep in mind and find what does fit.  Read and keep an open mind.

How To Cut The Ties That Bind and Travel

Before I go any further……take some time and make a list of reasons as to why you can’t travel either full time or just when you want.

Go ahead, I can wait.

You have 3 things here; 1.) legitimate reason you can’t travel,  2.) reasons you can’t travel that have alternatives, and 3.) fear

Some people, well let’s make that a lot of people are afraid of ‘change’……any change!  Change for a better job, friend, car, income and lifestyle.  This is a tough one. You see the creativity of our minds will fabricate a pseudo-meaningful response to avoid the change, to deflate the dream… works that way.

The challenge as I see it is to available, the creativity, to move your life to a new and exciting reality.  This isn’t some cosmic mumble jumble.

Our creative thinking can change our reality quicker than an increase of income.  And an increase of income changes our reality.

Mine took a number of years to change.  A lot of hard thought, a lot of dreaming, and a lot of hard decisions. But none i regret.  Even now as I’m writing this my mind is thinking what did I bring with me (mentally) that I should change.  That’s my project now.

I’ll start on that today.  Whatever tie that binds, I’ll cut.  I know that at times I’ve thought to shrink from this new life.  But, that’s not what I want.  There’s so much more I want to accomplish and it starts with me and my greatest asset is my creativity.

You’ve made your list of reasons that prevent you from engaging in a lifestyle change…….  Use your creativity to overcome them… in the ‘chaos’ knowing that a new norm is in the making.

How To Cut The Ties That Bind and Travel

Here’s one thing that from dreams to research I found to be a powerful obstacle remover, travel slowly.

Travel slowly…… meaning this, don’t fly back and forth to destinations.  Keep moving forward in your travels and take your time where you’re at…..hunker down for an extended period of time. Learn the language, make friends, explore the archeology, traditions, and history, and let’s not forget the local cuisine.  Then from there…..move on.  Where?  Try someplace nearby, find a place that is inexpensive to travel to and set up house once again.  Right now you’re probably thinking of reasons that isn’t a good idea or so flimsy excuse…. Fine, it’s creativity at work.  Just use the same creativity to make it happen.

I’m not here to give you a step by step plan to accomplish anything…..that step by step plan is your responsibility.

Here’s a reality.  Some family members my have a cry just as you when you change your life by traveling.  Some of mine did.

They are not crying anymore.

Do we miss each other…..some, maybe.  The internet brings people that are distant much closer.  It’s part of the new reality.

You have grandkids!  You can’t leave them behind!  At some point in life you’ll find yourself waiting for their visit that never comes.  They’ve grown up, have their own lives…..possibly have moved away or they live a life of travel.  And you’ll say…..”I could’ve done that.”

How To Cut The Ties That Bind and Travel

Cutting some ties that bind can be very difficult.  May hurt deep down inside.  Just focus on the dream, the steps it takes to accomplish the dream and the pain isn’t going to be so great.  It’ll be there, just not as profound.

Doing, always has a way of occupying a void….start before the void is an obstacle.

Cut the ties that bind….

Peace, love, and beaches,


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