Going With The Flow…..

Going With The Flow…..

I’m now truly going with the flow…..

I always thought I was until this morning!

This is a pretty exciting moment for me and it’ll probably take some serious attention to just go with the flow.

It goes back to a structured life.  It seems in some way I’m still living a structured life.

There’s things that I enjoy doing, but I seem to have scheduled them in my day.  I can do them at anytime but it seems that I’ve a structure as to when I do those things.

That’s wrong.

Brings up the question though……  Is there a best time of the day to do something I want to do?  Do I have to confine it to that time?

I’m thinking, no.

I can take my morning walk in the afternoon if I so please.  I can even call it my morning walk!  You know, I’m breaking some rules here that need to be broken.  They exist only to confine and define.

I’ve scheduled my yoga to do in the morning.  Why?  I’m not interested in doing my yoga in the morning.  I’m not!  Today, I’ll do it some other non-defined time in my day.  And that still may be in the morning time, just not the wee hours of the morning.

No rules.

Maybe I’ll have a tequila sunrise at sunrise instead of in the late afternoon or early evening.

There’s already certain things that I’m forced to do at certain times, enough is enough.  It’s unrealistic for me to trade stocks at night.  I’ll accept this.

I’m throwing the pieces of my day in the air and seeing where they land.

WOW!  I’m uncomfortable with the very thought!  I gotta get over that!

Going With The Flow…..

I do enjoy the early hours of the day……  And that’s really what I want to do, enjoy the early hours.  Not fill it with activity that I’d rather do and enjoy in another part of the day.

Maybe I’ll have breakfast foods at diner time.  Like you know, my oats and granola with my coconut milk.  I love coconut milk and coconut water.

I don’t drink coffee in the afternoon, but I think I may just go with the flow….. If I want to, I’ll do.

Believe it or not, these things are quite personal to me.  I’ve had this ridiculous schedule philosophy for far too long.  Things need to change.

A life of order is like having rails to hold on to for security.

This is an adventure within!

I can see now that I’ll be making some ridiculous changes in my life…..  This should be fun.

And another thing.  I’m not gonna hustle to do the next thing or go to the next place.  I’ll just go with the flow.

I took a walk to a nearby convenience store yesterday and I observed two things and just took them in….  The first was watching this Mexican gentleman taking his sweet time moseying his way to wherever it was he was going or not going.  It just looked relaxing to me, very appealing.  The second was a lady selling her goodies (hehehe, not that goody….she sells candy, oh forget it!) under the overpass nearby, she had fallen asleep right there!  WOW!  Just bowed here head and nodded off.

These two people are an example to me of ‘going with the flow’.  Not a bad way to live.  I’m in a Caribbean paradise, I should do as the locals do.

Going With The Flow…..

The effort for me is to get and stay off-track.  No more scheduling.  And, that will be an effort.

I even had my water consumption scheduled!!

Just to show you how serious I am about this, I weighed myself a whole hour before my normally scheduled time!


What’s next?  That’s the beauty of it!  I don’t have anything that’s screaming at me to be next all of a sudden!

I’ll no longer wait to do things that I want to do, I’ll do them as I feel I want to.

THIS!  This is a new world for me.

I’m thinking this in an incremental thing.  Meaning that just quiting a job doesn’t mean I’m free.  The real freedom comes when I shake off all the other stuff that’s in place from life’s ‘you gotta do this’ philosophy.

YOU!  Yeah you with your high touting freedom philosophy……..Fuck you!

I just had a moment of being ‘pissed’ thinking of these idiots that go about spitting their philosophy about and stealing peoples joy!  I’m over it now….

Back to going with the flow.

I’m not even concerned with what I’m gonna do today.  I’ll take it as it comes.  Watch it as it goes.

I’m not even interested in convincing anyone that this is the way to live.  You’re gonna do what you believe you have to anyway!  So, that’s off my plate too.  Have at it!  Embrace your responsibilities.  Now I know what’s been lacking in my semi-responsible life……..irresponsibility.  I’m embracing that!

Going with the flow…….

Peace, love, and beaches,


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