To Wear or Not To Wear, Underwear That’s The Question

To Wear or Not To Wear, Underwear That’s The Question


Who came up with this novel underwear idea?  Was there a reason for this questionable garment?  And who was the culprit?  It’s time to be taking names and kicking some underweared booty!

I’m not sure whether commando is popular.  I’ve seen no polls on the subject.  But I’ve been a faithful follower of commandoism for about 30 years now.  It’s a way of life.

I was thinking moments ago that if I were to go shopping for underwear that I wouldn’t know what size to wear.  And I don’t think the stores allow customers to try on underwear……   I know I wouldn’t.  The thought of putting on some underwear that someone else junk was in doesn’t do much positive for me.  But, to each their own I always say.

When I first started not wearing underwear the only time I’d wear underwear was doctor appointments.  I had 2…..I’d go twice a year to the doctor and I didn’t want him to think that I only had 1.  Reasonable.  I also eliminated  the dreadful dirty underwear should I have an accident.

I’ve also lived skid mark free for all those years.  You can’t beat that!

I don’t have to problem of boxers or briefs, I don’t.  I just realized I’ve saved myself a bit of money over those nearly 30 years.

Another thing is that I don’t have the dilemma of debate of wearing or not due to being concerned about my sperm count.  Yeah, they are slower swimmers than when I was younger but, I’m out of competition so just having them meander about is fine, just fine.

To Wear or Not To Wear, Underwear That’s The Question

I took a look in the underwear department on a recent trip to the store just to see what was trending.  I didn’t get any guidance.  It seems there’s still the 2 main choices of boxers and briefs but it does seem to have gotten a bit more colorful.  Oh, and the abundance of this was mind blowing!!!  Why so much??  The choices to me would seem to be limited but ……..some reason there’s these HUGE displays of underwear option.

I saw one underwear package that enhanced a man’s package……there was padding to make his junk look bigger!!!  I was seriously astounded!  Get this, you go out on a date okay.  Unless you’re wearing tight ass pants no one is gonna see your junk.  So you get lucky, sort of……there’s kissing, hugging……the preliminary stuff (I guess that’s still how it’s done) that lead to crotch grabbing (I couldn’t put it anymore delicate, sorry).  She (or he) grabs the padded crotch!!  OH YEAH……this is gonna be FUN!!  But, there’s still the matter of truth that will be lurking when the disrobe portion of the evening happens.  What then?  She/he ain’t getting what they bargained for!!  You cheated!!  Could be a laugher!!  So the first intent at any type of relationship here is deceit.

I’ve not addressed women going without underwear because, well because…….give me a moment.

Because I like that both ways.  Fancy lace undies on a woman is just a good thing (I had to temper my words there…hehehehe).  Then nothing at all is WOW!!!!   YES!!!!  Okay, this is probably why I’m not addressing underwear concerning women……I’ll become a bit adolescent.  I don’t mind…..but then.

Back to me….  I’m not sure there’s any real considerations involved here.  I like the freedom.  Now interrupting my train of thought……erections in public can be a bit annoying.  So many prudes out there would be thinking it to be obscene….  It’s nature taking it’s course, nothing obscene about that!

I lost my train of thought…..

To Wear or Not To Wear, Underwear That’s The Question

I just was thinking…….why doesn’t Victoria’s Secret sell men’s underwear?

Does not wearing underwear under my clothes make me a ‘closet nudist’?  Seriously I could go without clothing, I think clothing is over rated.  When I’m at the beach……I’m topless already I just as well go bottomless.  Unfortunately for me and fortunately (possibly) for the rest of the beach going family with their kids in tow…..there’s laws that stop me.

But, I can cheat when I’m out in the water and do.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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