Trying To Limit My Intake of Vile

Trying To Limit My Intake of Vile

Vile has taken over society.  Society in general has seemed to have lost it’s sense of decency.  And, I’m tired of it.

Just recently I made a comment that the Russian’s never contacted me and attempt to persuade my vote…..I’m really mocking the Russian thing, just because it’s purported doesn’t mean it’s true.

But here’s what happened.  An individual stated that it was because of the Russian’s hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails (not the content, seems no one wants to speak of the DNC’s content, intent, and interference during the selection process of their nominee.) and I said, no…..Hillary has a history, a long history of controversy.  The individual went off on President Trump.  I didn’t get that…..I just read out a list of the controversies of Mrs. Clinton…….then I was accused of changing the subject.  I let the individual know that they were the one’s that changed the subject.  This was on Facebook.  The woman immediately unFriended me.

My gosh!!!

In one short humorous (attempt at some humor evidently) I went from someone that was adored and followed very closely to a piece of shit of humanity.  BOOM!

Does it upset me that someone unFriends me on any social media…..No.  Everybody has their choices….I respect their choice.  But this woman got ‘nasty’ about this whole thing!!  Ridiculous!!!

I’d say that most of the people that I have as friends, acquaintances, etc. I don’t agree with and that’s fine with me.  I like diversity among my friends.  If they say something I don’t really care for that’s their right, that’s their belief, I respect that but I go one step further I research their position and try and find the truth of the matter.  That’s a good thing!

Trying To Limit My Intake of Vile

By me doing the research of what they are saying I’m educating myself and hopefully finding the truth.  Do I need to oppose them in combat……absolutely NO!

WHY?  I don’t feel the need to.  I like diversity.  Diversity is good as long as theirs no vile, mean spirited intent on their part.  I don’t associate with such.  That my friends has no redeeming qualities.

As bad as Richard Nixon was with the Watergate fiasco I didn’t much care for the hate that was being spewed.

The truth, no matter how bad it is doesn’t have to be shouted with hate and vile speech.  It doesn’t.  I’m not a listener at that point…’ve lost me.  Stay on the facts, give them to me……  That’s the way I want it.

So the haters use their social media to attack people who disagree with them……now, I’m not saying people shouldn’t disagree but can we be civil?  Can reason lead the way.

Accusations are treated as the truth by the one who wants to believe.  I think that’s sad.

I think that some attitudes are accepted just because theirs no accountability.

When someone posts a position on a topic I’m chasing it down…..finding where it came from, at what cost to the truth that is spent in the details is being ignored.  Most I find are cherry picking words and sentences out of context.  Some is just incomplete and laid out as ‘world shattering’.  Give me a break.  (P.S. I no longer chase some of this crap, it’s no good.)

It seems that the vile is becoming more and more acceptable, and it’s growing like a cancer in the society today.  I don’t see any end in sight!!

Personally, I find it unacceptable.

Trying To Limit My Intake of Vile

Everything I do is trying to have some fun.  Laugh, make others laugh……that’s one reason why I don’t publicly disagree with anyone.

I once wrote to a life long friend of mine …..(from back in the 60’s) explaining that they had posted a statement that was false.  They told me off.  Now, I liked the position as it endorsed my position…..but I don’t think we need false information laid out there to support a belief.  If we do, then our belief is false.

I want to have fun…..and I’m not having fun on social media anymore.  I sort of need social media though for my music and my writing.  So, I’m exploring my options of not departing from social media and distancing my self from all the vile.

I think I’ve got a workable plan.  There’s a bit of tweaking that needs to take place but I’m working on it.

To ask people to question their intentions, ideas and beliefs I believe is fruitless.  And, honestly I’m not much on trying spend a lot of energy on trying to change someone’s belief.  It’s theirs and it’s their right to hold those beliefs as dearly as they so desire.

My time can be spent on things that I really enjoy.

So, why am I writing this…..  It has to do with Andrea Mitchell and Tom Brokaw.  Andrea Mitchell was so desperately trying to make her ill-fated point…actually grasping for words and Tom Brokaw revealed the value of common sense thru the whole mess.  She seems to be trying to make news rather than report news.

Here’s the clip:


Trying To Limit My Intake of Vile

We sure could use more of his reporting in society today.

Just so you understand me, I’m not against a person expressing their opinions.  I’m against the hate by which they present that opinion.

Let your love shine!  That’s power!  Express in content worthy of debate.

Let’s join hands and reach for a better life.  Together we achieve.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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