You’re Gonna Think I’m Crazy

You’re Gonna Think I’m Crazy

Crazy… I’m sitting here going over some flight tracking notices and I got to thinking…..hmmmm.  What could I do next?

Whatever I’m cooking up, it’s greatest opposition is the Caribbean minutes away from my patio and the cost of living.

Of the places I’ve visited (which are few so far) out of Mexico and including the U.S., there’s been no place cheaper!

Other places offer the same inconveniences as Mexico, only with a higher price.  Much the same as living in the U.S. without the conveniences of the modern infrastructure.

Yet, I’m craving to do something…….way out there.  Just not sure what that is.  My intention for next year is to spend about 5 months in Europe starting first in Italy.  I feel good about that.  BUT……..I don’t know for sure.  Could there be something else?  I mean at the end of the Europe trip we plan on going to Cairo for about a week and do some sightseeing before heading back to the U.S.

One thing that has thrown a wrench in my lifestyle is my investing.  The investment company I use has let me know that I must live in the U.S. for a period exceeding 6 months per year.  I’ve got to find out why and what other alternatives do I have.

The pot is stirring inside of me this morning…..  This brings on research.  Research educates me.  My problem is I’m not the detail person I need to be.  That causes a lot of misadventure.  Hehehe

This is what I’ve got squirming about inside of me.  I’m thinking about spending some time in Nashville, maybe a bit in Los Angeles, New York I can’t afford.  The reason these are coming up is…….

You’re Gonna Think I’m Crazy

The reason these are coming up is that I want to spend some serious time around music centers while I write and record my 3rd CD (the 2nd is being done from here).

I’m finally accepting a challenge in life that I’m too old (60+) to be a rock and roll artist and performer. Or maybe I really am ‘crazy’!  Taking it rather seriously though.  I’ve got the time and the talent.  Finally came to that point on both recently.  It’s the application of both and that’s my focus.

So I guess you could say that my next adventure is so much a destination……….  It’s more of a self-fulfilling adventure turning over everything that’s inside of me.

There’s a list of ancillary crap (issues) that are somewhat out of my control that I’ll have to tend to as best I can……those I don’t speak of, just consider it a matter of privacy.  But, I’m on the clock!

But then……I’m also enjoying writing and working on projects than incite my imagination.  You wanna talk about something that stirs up the juices.  But, ………who knows.

I’m open to changes……  I don’t mind the wind, so whichever way it blows I’m okay, let’s go that direction. And I guess at my time in life the direction I’ve chose isn’t too bad a direction.  It accommodates me.  I like being accommodated.

I’ve time to stay the coarse, I’ve an obligation right now to live and I’m quite content with doing that……you pay $6 for your Corona I’ll pay $1.20 at my favorite bar or $.61 cents each from Sam’s.  I can bide my time, no rush……plenty of time to do all the song and ebook writing and projects I want.

I still have that hankering for that next adventure…..

You’re Gonna Think I’m Crazy

I’m not seeing a downside of this angst for a new and different adventure.  Adventure seems to soothe my inner desires and harness my energies for a short period of time…..I guess that’s part of my nomadic being.  I’m not shackled to a desk or duty other than my choice of the moment.  I don’t really have any money worries here in Mexico that I would have in the U.S.

Tending to my health is cheaper here in Mexico than it would be the U.S.  I just had to throw that in as one of my obstacles.  And no I can’t just fly back and forth at every whim……too expensive for a limited budget.  Budget.

So what’s in store next.

Well for the next roughly 75 days staying put.  Followed by a trip to the U.S. and then back here.  It’s a toss up between a quick visit back to Costa Rica or to Peru, while I work thru those I will make a quickie down to Belize.  Writing about my experience, listening to local music, ideas, and enjoying it all.

Being crazy isn’t a bad thing at all…..

Peace, love and beaches,


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