I Call Her Jiggles, You Can Too

I Call Her Jiggles, You Can Too


Preadolescent and she earns the name Jiggles.  Sounds a little corny perhaps, but she wears it well. Some wish they were so lucky…..others knew better.

So many starred at Jiggles and so many laughed both private and publicly.  Jiggles never seemed to mind.  There was a self-confidence about her that was like a guardian angel protecting her innocence and her mind.

She walked in upright confidence as a person who knew their purpose and place in a meandering and pretentious world.

This confidence along with her calm pleasant disposition become a bigger part of her attractiveness than any part of her anatomy with the exception of her smile.

Carefree and charming were words used to describe Jiggles.  And appropriately so….

For some odd reason, no one called her by name.  For as long as can be remembered.  Of course, at a young, young age she had this infatuation with jello!  Instead of cake and ice cream at her birthday parties it was cake and jello. She’d toy with it for minutes before actually eating it…..there was something about the shimmy and the sway that just delighted her.

It was meant to be……..jello and Jiggles.

To this day for her birthdays, crossing overs, even when she graduated from kindergarten her celebration was with cake and jello.

Charming seems such a shallow word for her affinity for her delights.  It became part of her persona, one that she wore with delight simply because she found so much pleasure in what she liked and loved and she favored those things.  It didn’t require anyone’s approval and no one would dare disapprove.  Everyone wanted to be in good favor with Jiggles.

I Call Her Jiggles, You Can Too

Every year of growth seemed to bring more attention to her and rightfully so…..she had no peer it seems. Intellingent, graceful, loving, caring, friendly…..sort of a female Will Rogers never meeting someone she didn’t like and that didn’t like her.

But to say that everyone really liked her 24/7 is not exactly the way to put it….  She did have those that were near her in age that was jealous of all the attention she seemed to constantly get!  Even though they were popular in their own right and even enjoyed Jiggles celebrations and celebrity.  They just didn’t have what it takes to reach the extraordinary heights of her popularity. Their jealousy was put aside by her embracing them for who they were as her friends……  Her ways just sort of dissolved any negative feelings.

She grew up gracefully, always a part of others lives and her presence just made others lives so much richer. Never did she seem to mind that some stared, that others giggled, some even mindlessly pointed while bringing others uninvited attention.

How could someone handle all this in such a young life.  It just seemed so easy and natural. It wasn’t the attention that made Jiggles who she was, it was her that made her who she was.  That confidence in herself that was bigger than anything.

Size matters in the matters’ of the heart, love, compassion, caring and willingness to be part of others lives.  The potential for greatness in us all is in our willingness to accept first who we are and next who others are. What we can’t change can become our greatest asset.

I Call Her Jiggles, You Can Too

Jiggles went on to great things in a somewhat short time….all along the way it was cake, jello, smiles and love.

Anybody can be Jiggles in their own sort of way.  It doesn’t have to be anatomy orientation that’s in play that is of any motivation.  We can all be Jiggles.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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