Everything Is Done Slowly Here, Except Taxis

Everything Is Done Slowly Here, Except Taxis

What’s hard for me to get accustomed to, is slow.  I can’t get a grip on it and it doesn’t really matter what it is that’s slow, I think it should be done a tad faster.  And I’m asking myself why this morning.  It’s not like I’ve got any deadline and surely the people around here don’t have one.

I’m trying to explore why this means something to me.

At the restaurant, everything is slow once you sit down.  Almost like you just entered another dimension.  Even the person that sat down after you gets waited on before you.

I’m not sure as to how things are done and processed.  And I get confused as to who is my waiter (not many waitresses; Claudia and Geraldine) when my beer gets to me is whenever.  But that menu is there, they will even hover over you for a bit while you’re looking it over.  But after you ordered, it’s like ‘No Man’s Land’!!! Unless they spy a renegade napkin on your table…..they swoop in like an eagle and snatch that sucker.

I want another beer……  Where is and who is my waiter??  I’m here for a while…..no sense in being uptight but

I do want another beer.  The food will be good.  I guess you could say that’s worth the wait.

Everything Is Done Slowly Here, Except Taxis

Across the way from me is this larger than normal guy getting his ceviche.  He seems a bit curious but does what he seems to do best, eats.  Briefly, as he finishes (I’m still on my first beer and haven’t found my waiter yet) off his plate, the waiter arrives with another platter of various Mexican delights.  I’m ready for another beer and I’d like to order but the wait staff hustles off without a glance in my direction.  Now I’m turning around looking in desperation for someone, anyone to fetch me a beer and take my order.

I finally get my beer but it’s like they put the bottle down and puff, they’re gone.  Oh look, one waiter is discussing the food with the large gentleman as if he didn’t know what he had just devoured while another waiter is bringing him a chile relleno.  WTF!!!  Suddenly a waiter appears next to me and asks if I’m ready to order!  I’m thinking, really! You’re waiting on me, wondering if I’m ready to order??  I order and ask for another beer…..it’ll be a while.

After I’m served and have eaten I want the bill but no one is around once again.

Eating out is an event…..  But the food is good.  In some cases, it may not be the same dish even though it has the same name.  Interesting.

Everything Is Done Slowly Here, Except Taxis

My internet is slow.  Looking at a movie or video is always blurry.  That’s on my home internet connection.  The router/modem seems to be out of date.  It’s an antique from the internet stone age.  Probably one of the first ever router/modem combos.  Sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

I’m thinking I’m too dependent on the internet….I really need to re-evaluate my necessity of the internet.

Now, I’m approaching 48 hours without the internet in my condo.  Oh, they are working on it.  I even got the job number.  They were so glad to find that number and provide it to me.  It’s like the customer service person finally felt accomplished after giving me that number.  I’ve never known someone to be so happy, excuse me ecstatic over pulling a number from wherever and provide it to a customer.  The pride of that moment came thru the computer screen.  I let them know I was grateful and they approved of my gratefulness.


That was yesterday afternoon…..about 16 hours ago.  I still don’t have the internet.  I stand over my router hoping that the DSL and Internet lights would just flicker…….come on guys make me happy…..flicker!  Fuckin’ flicker!!

Such is life.

Everything Is Done Slowly Here, Except Taxis

Taxis.  The taxis rule the road here.  Nothing big, they are all compact cars.  If you’ve more than 4 in your party you use a Colectivo.  Colectivo is an uncomfortable passenger van that is really a tuna can.  Don’t be surprised if you’re holding someone else kid!

The taxi driver is king of the road here.  He comes and goes as he please and everyone had best stay out the way.  He’s on the side of the road picking up his fare, he immediately turns on to the road with no thought of checking for on-coming traffic.  He’s just there!!

Sometimes there are no lines on the road…….fair game my friend, just go.  If not you may not get anywhere! Or worse yet get run over!  The sidewalk or the shoulder becomes their lane.

I’m thinking that their thought of mind is to drop off the customer and get to the next fare as quickly as possible.

Stop signs and traffic lights aren’t an inconvenience to taxis, the people driving their private vehicles are the problem……at least to the taxi driver.

Don’t make the mistake of stepping out in front of one at the topes.  The topes double as a crosswalk for pedestrians and they have the right of way except for taxis.

This seems to be the mindset of the taxi driver…..’just get to where I’m going and if an accident happens I’ll deal with it then’.  No caution on their part. Hehehehehe

I stay out of the way.

Everything Is Done Slowly Here, Except Taxis

I found out on the Ferry to Cozumel that being in line really doesn’t mean much, I watched as families were separated by people going to and fro with no consideration and it didn’t appear to bother any of the family members including the 2-year-old.  We’re all being herded like cattle.  We’re not supposed to get up from our seat until we are docked.  That’s a rule made to be broken….and it is.

I’m going see if my modem lights to flicker…..

Peace, love, and beaches,



  1. Maybe the waiter/waitress is thinking of your waistline John!

    As for the bus/van I never did get to go into Playa Del Carmen in one… sounds like an experience…..

    Hope your lights soon flash in unison

    1. Hehehehe….an optimist way of looking at it! Cool. I’ll consider that next time.
      Finally the light is flashing….I paid the bill.

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