Sex Is The Solution. To What Doesn’t Matter.

Sex Is The Solution. To What Doesn’t Matter. 

That’s good news don’t you think?  Sex is the solution.

Go ahead, name a problem.  Have sex and you’ll notice the first thing is that you feel better about everything and anything!

Maybe we should have more problems!

Think about this for a moment……  If sex is the solution, the more problems we have the more opportunities we have to solve, i.e. sex!

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have many problems.  Sadly…..  So, that in itself is a problem and that problem can be solved with, yep……sex.

He/she has an argument…. (she’s gonna win) and she ends it by coming on to him.  I guess she figures his ego is bruised enough in his losing effort, she might as well soothe his pain.

According to the editor (it’s one of those auto text editors, not a real person) I’m using the word ‘sex’ too often.  This problem can’t be solved with sex as the editor is a technical problem.  So, I guess I just proved my premise wrong.

Dang!  I thought I had an excellent point here.

Okay.  I’ll adjust, adapt, and overcome.  Sex is always the solution when 2 (or more) humans are involved.  There……I think I did it.

Just think!!  All your conflicts resolved with a ‘coming’ together.

Perhaps you’re at a car dealership haggling over the price.  Nothing seems to be going in your favor.  Then you look over at your wife or girlfriend then the salesman says, “Wait right here I have to get my sales manager for negotiation approval.”  The salesman returns with the sales manager and the 3 head off to an isolated room in the showroom.  Twenty minutes later you’ve sealed a deal on a ‘new car’!  Problem solved!

Sex Is The Solution. To What Doesn’t Matter.

Cybill and her mom Raquel are mattress shopping for Cybill’s new apartment.  They are met on the showroom floor by Cornelius who is ‘salesman of the month’ with his eye on becoming ‘salesman of the year’.

Cornelius and Raquel haggle back and forth, meanwhile, Cybill is touching and poking, laying on the mattress, kneeling on the mattress. By now she’s annoying Cornelius and Raquel.  Then Cybill asks how low is Cornelius willing to go…….  Cornelius looks at Raquel and quietly negotiate a bit more with an eye on Cybill.  Things seem to be moving along just fine, with one small problem.  By now both Raquel and Cybill are concerned with the firmness and how long will it hold up.  Off to the marketing room, the three walk off and about 40 minutes later all 3 come out satisfied and Cybill has a new mattress and a smile… does Raquel and Cornelius.  Cornelius leads them to the door that says ‘come again’ and assures them of a satisfied delivery.

Cornelius it seems has a bright future in mattress sales and a lead in the ‘salesman of the year’ competition.

Not only does sex sell, sex also satisfies!  What do you think Victoria’s Secret is!!!!

Recently things looked a little tense between Donald Trump and German Chancelor Angela Merkel.  Personally I think if they hopped off to the Lincoln bedroom and worked their differences out in private under cover that they both would be smiling more and cordial to one another.  Might even do a photo op!

Politics make strange bedfellows……they may be on to something!

Sex Is The Solution. To What Doesn’t Matter.

Jim and Chris are arguing who is the better fisherman…..   Things are getting a bit out of hand (hehehehehe) and name calling is the choice of a civilized dual.  When their wives come up with a brilliant idea!  Butt plugs and neon condoms!  Use your imagination.

I think that most disputes can be settled with civility, and sex.

People are still, 7 months after the presidential election arguing about Hilliary Clinton and Donald Trump!  I think all the people arguing should take my advice.  Take off their clothes and just have sex!  It’s the solution to world problems ( see above, Donald and Angela….Merkump. You know like Bradgelina!), and if it’s good enough for the world, for sales, for whatever the problem is (except tech but I’m hearing rumors about sex robots!) sex is the solution.

Adam and Eve could’ve settled that apple problem without the worries of disrobing or finding a motel, or even worrying about the kids barging in!!  But, I think they may have done this whole thing with humanity in mind.  Sex is a great make-up, come together activity.

This sex is the solution thing seems to work.  We as a race (human race) have been at it for centuries.  I think this will carry on.

Guys!  Women don’t come with instructions, we all know that. So listen to the instructions she gives until we get it right.

Nothing wrong with a few mistakes here and there…..after-all, sex is the solution.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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