The Exploding Beer Bottle! Aha!

The Exploding Beer Bottle! Aha!

What the hell is an exploding beer bottle all about??  Well, I could write about my lost contact but that may not sound as exciting or be as entertaining.  So, let’s see.

We lost our previous refrigerator to an electrical storm and the condo owner (it’s a longterm lease) asked that we pick one out within a certain budget.  After a half day of shopping (not enough places for a full day of shopping) the decision was made.  The only negative about the fridge is that it’s smaller.  Too small.  So, I don’t keep a lot of beer in the box cold, there’s just not enough room. If I want more than the 2 to 3 beers in a day I have to put some in the freezer which was the case last night.

I have a problem of remembering that I put beer in the freezer.

Just a moment off point here……if you’re gonna leave any brand of beer in the freezer make sure it’s Corona bottles.  Those suckers will never explode in the freezer.  That cap is well secured on top of that bottle and the glass…..well, if you’ve ever handled a bottle of Corona you know that it’s heavy and thick.

But back to the exploding beer bottle.  It didn’t happen while the beer was in the freezer and it was a Corona.

Keeping water chilled is a priority because as you know, ‘don’t drink the water in Mexico’!  And that’s true.  So water bottles in the fridge are the top priority.  I always store 2 extra in the freezer.  Seems harmless but this can lead to exploding beer bottles.

The fridge is a bit frustrating.  Dang, that other one was perfect in size and the freezer was exceptionally large too.  I miss the fridge.


The Exploding Beer Bottle! Aha!

It’s hot down here on the Mayan Riviera….and I’m not complaining, I actually like hot. It’s cold that I can’t stand….I’m talking about the weather, I don’t like cold weather.  Nothing to dip into during winter to make things more comfortable but in the heat of the summer (and in my case the heat of the winter) I’ve the Caribbean to refresh myself in and a pool right off my patio.  Nice.  So, I do like my drinking water cold, although most of the time it starts out cold and then ends up room temperature.

I drink a lot of water, more than I drink beer.  Surprised huh, yeah I know.

Back to that exploding beer bottle.

So, I put a couple water bottles in the freezer over night intentionally so that when I put them on the counter in the morning they will defrost enough after I’ve drunk my coffee that they are perfect and there’s even a good piece of ice left in the bottle that I can pour more water over to chill.

What happens sometimes with the bottles (I’m thinking it’s because I put too much water in the bottle) is that the bottle expands (even my aluminum bottle) and the bottom rounds.  So, we have a towel to place the bottle up right on… when it defrosts the towel absorbs the water.

Well, this morning I put the 2 bottles of Corona on the towel along with the 2 bottles of water.  I’ve my head set on listening to Rick Perry talks about energy and vets.

The Exploding Beer Bottle! Aha!

Suddenly!  I hear a loud noise (the walls here are concrete so the sound just bounces around the place) and not knowing what took place and not imagining what took place I was slow to respond.  But, the events weren’t slow.  I hear that loud noise and in my puzzlement slowly turn (the kitchen is behind me) and I can see the water bottle making its awkward way down the area between the kitchen counter (concrete) and the wall and then BOOM!!!


The Corona was tapped over by the falling water bottle and BOOM on to the floor it fell!

I’m barefooted.  More usual than drinking beer.  So, now comes the interesting part.  How the hell do I clean up the mess? The beer is still frozen, and while it’s inviting to just scoop it up quickly with my hands and dispose of in the sink I do realize that there is glass mixed within.

Keeping it simple.  I grabbed my sandals, a roll of paper towels and a plastic carton to cautiously engage in the cleanup. It’s working fine, except I’m not finding the bottom of the bottle!!  The shards along with the top and neck still intact I found right away.  But this bottom is missing.  That’s my first cause of worry at this point….the other comes about shortly.

I find the bottom between the fridge and the garbage can.  Relief.

The Exploding Beer Bottle! Aha!

You probably know this to be true, is that when glass breaks it’s not gonna be just where you expect it to be, it’ll actually be around corners!!  It will!!  How does it get around corners?  It ricochets off some object and it’s fairly easy to get the big and medium size pieces.  It’s those small suckers that give you hell!  And having a rug in the middle of the kitchen really isn’t much help!

I have to look from different angles to see the tiny pieces of glass that can wreck havoc on my unknowing feet!

That’s a lot like life and the problems and situations that arise.  I have to look at them from different perspectives to see what’s there.

I take a little more time exploring what I read, looking at the subject from different perspectives trying to find what’s hidden…..looking for the not so obvious and rechecking the source.  Just like picking up the glass from a broken beer bottle.

There’s a lot of ‘crashing’ going on…..lots of attention getters happening in our world today.  My encouragement is that we all take a deep breath, there’s a lot of shards about and look from different perspectives of the exploding beer bottle.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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