Would You Believe I’m Bored?? In Paradise?

Would You Believe I’m Bored In Paradise?

Hang on!!  I’m bored in paradise!

How can I possibly be bored in paradise????

This in strange guys.

I’ve not the places that I’m accustomed to, and I can’t find anything similar.  I can buy Coronas for less than 2 bucks at an establishment…..the establishment doesn’t have a bar!!!!!   There are not that many bars here!  There are restaurants!  But they don’t have bars!!  I like a bar!  Near the water!  I’m spoiled that way!

My friend Christine frequents one of my all time favorite places in St. Pete…”Biff’s”.  I’m jealous.  It’s not near the water, it has a bar (that’s me at the bar in the featured picture….they now take credit cards) and while I’m sitting at the bar in that picture, I usually don’t…..I’m at a table with a pitcher of Bud Light and jalapeno cheese fries…..large.

I don’t have that here.

There’s no Gulf Blvd. either!!!  No roads running along the seaside.  And some places I can’t get to because they are private…..the beaches here aren’t private (by law) but the property of the resort is private.  Some will let you in for a small fee……but they are few.

I really enjoyed my bar-hopping lifestyle in Florida.  I had ‘The Angry Pepper’, ‘The Brown Boxer’, ‘Sloppy Joe’s’, ‘Ka Tiki’, ‘Sea Hag’, ‘Ferg’s’, ‘The Whistle Stop’, ‘Salty Rim’, ‘Undertow’, ‘Woody’s’, ‘Getaways’, and of course ‘Biff’s’. And I miss them all….  There’s really no replacement here……I have found a few bars waterside to be honest and really only one of those is entertaining, ‘Pappacitos’.  As a matter of fact, I took a break from writing this and went there.

Would You Believe I’m Bored?? In Paradise?

The difference with the off-season here compared to St. Petersburg, Florida is here there aren’t any people! There’s no population!!  This is a community, somewhat private is very transit.  Odd.  The people I meet here……I’ll see again in a year, they’ve gone back to their real lives.

I couldn’t understand why businesses would close for 9 months.  Now I know, there’s not enough people here to support the businesses……the locals are too impoverished!

HELL!!!  I just went across to Cozumel this past week and at the least 75% of all the businesses were closed!!!  Turns out it’s the start of their off-season…..not one cruise ship in port.

Cozumel is deserted!!!!

Then, I’m not living in a moderately large populated city either.  There’s not much that fits in that category here. Cancun?  Playa del Carmen?  Nope…..  Tulum?  Nope.

Would You Believe I’m Bored?? In Paradise?

I went to the beach, 7 people in the area that I went to, 7!  Adjacent areas didn’t double that amount!

I didn’t foresee the lack of people.  People are entertaining….sometimes.  While having lunch recently this ‘stray’ woman puts walks up puts her hand on an empty chair and just starts chattering away.  Without thinking I looked up from my late and told her, ‘no Espanol’.  She blurted back at me, I was speaking English!!  Really! That happened like that, and she moved on.

Now, this can be a positive, this lack of people.  I’ve got my choice of seats, the whole beach to myself, discounted prices and no one to interrupt me in any activity I pursue.

That last part is my target……activities I want to pursue, that would be my music and my writing.

But that’s no consoling me on the lack of beach bars……

Bored in paradise….

Peace, love, and beaches,


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